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Feedback for acidquill

Jul 19, 2008

    1. Hi! If you complete a transaction with me, please feel free to leave feedback.

      Thanks! :)

      Ebay fb
    2. I'm a bit late here, oops ^^;; Acidquill purchased two msd skirts from me last week. Communication was great, shes wonderful to deal with =] Would definatly do business with her again!

      Thanks again! <3
    3. acidquill commissioned me for wigs and was really pleasant to deal with ^^
    4. acidquill bought a pair of pink eyes from me and the transaction was great! She paid super fast and is very friendly to work with~ Thanks again! =D
    5. acidquill bought an eye from me :) Great communication and fast payment!! :D
    6. acidquill bought a pair of eyes from me. She's a wonderful person to deal with. Friendly and prompt communication and fast payment. Awesome buyer. ^___^
    7. Sold an AR Present Jade v.2 to acidquill, and was treated to kindness, lightning fast payment, and notice upon arrival. :)
      Absolutely wonderful person to deal with!
      Thank you for giving my boy a loving home. :abow:
    8. I sold a B&G Sky head to acidquill, and am very satisfied!
      She was very pleasant and fun, responsive, payed fast, and is very paitent ^_^ Thank you very much!​
    9. acidquill bought a couple shirts from my sale thread. Wonderful buyer, thank you and please come back again!
    10. acidquill purchased some shirts from me. She paid right away and was just outstanding to deal with. Thanks so much!
    11. I sold some eyes to acidquill and I was paid promptly and we kept communication the whole time and everything went smoothly! A++++ Buyer.
    12. Acidquill bought an article of msd clothing from me- fast payment, great communication, perfect transaction! :)
    13. Purchased a wig from me, paid fast, and was a pleasure to deal with. Thank you!
    14. Acidquill adopted my Dollzone Xi. She was my very first layaway experience. I would have had it no other way. She was absolutely lovely to deal with and always paid on time and maintained OUTSTANDING communication the whole time!! I highly recommend her as a buyer!!
    15. Acidquill adopted my Bobobie Isabella. :) She was a joy to work with! Quick payment, friendly, let me know when she arrived.. Would definitely sell to again!
    16. Acidquill bought one of my Puki wigs! Communication was great and payment was prompt!! I would defiantly sell to Acidquill again!
    17. :thumbup:thumbup:thumbup for acidquill who purchased an MSD item from me recently. Thanks so much!
    18. I just bought a BBB Isabella from Acidquill and I received her quickly, and she was exactly as promised:)
    19. traded a wig for a cute hoodie. Shipping was fast and was a pleasure to talk to on pm's thanks for a wonderful trade
    20. Acidquill bought a few dolls from me to date ^^: sorry for not leaving feedback sooner O.O but Acidquill was a fantastic person to work with and was totally sweet *hugs for the awesome transactions*