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Feedback for AcidReign

Mar 28, 2012

    1. Let me and others know how I rank as a buyer/seller here :)
    2. AcidReign bought a SOOM Euclase from me and the transaction was perfect. She was very friendly, communicated and paid quickly. I would definitely recommend her!
    3. I'm a little late on doing this but! AcidReign bought 2 Fur wigs off me. She was polite and very easy to talk to, as well as prompt with paying. Would absolutely recommend to others. :>
    4. AcidReign purchased a Luts outfit from me. Communication was extremely fast and friendly, she paid immediately, and she let me know as soon as the outfit arrived. Great buyer!
    5. AcidReign bought a pair of Soom hooves from me. She was very friendly and paid quickly, as well as let me know when she received them. Definitely willing to do business with her again!
    6. I sold a Soom Adamelli to AcidReign!

      She's very friendly and polite, payment was done immediately and she also told me when the doll arrived to her. Communication was great and I'd definitely deal with her again in the future. Great buyer, thank you! x3
    7. AcidReign purchased a Dollshe Saint head from me, and this transaction has to be the smoothest I've had in years!

      Communication was super prompt and polite, they sent payment extremely quickly, and were patient with me when I very stupidly spaced out and forgot about a holiday that delayed my shipment of the head.

      They promptly let me know when the item arrived, and simply put, AcidReign was a total joy to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others!

      Thank you so, so much!
    8. AcidReign bought my Secret Garden Dahlia. She was an absolute dear to deal with. She did a layaway on her and paid exactly when promised and quite faster than I had expected. I would gladly do another transaction with her and would recommend her to anyone. Communication is wonderful with her and she is friendly and easy to talk to. I can not thank her enough for such a perfect transaction and I am so glad the Dahlia I sold her will be in a good home :)
    9. AcidReign bought Pipos LE Cheshire from me and I can say only positive words about this deal! All was smooth and perfect, friendly communication, quick payment! I would be happy to trade with her again and can recommend AcidReign without any doubts. Thank you <3
    10. AcidReign took part in my Fairyland split, and the transaction went smoothly. :)

      Fast payment, excellent communication, very nice and friendly. :aheartbea
      Also let me know when she received the package, a real pleasure to deal with! ;)

      Thank you so much! :D
    11. AcidReign bought a doll from me. She was very nice to communicate. finished the layaway faster than she promissed. Everything went smoothly. Thank you very much.
    12. (belated) I sold a FL doll to AcidReign last year and everything went amazingly. Payment was prompt and communication was excellent. Thaks again!
    13. AcidReign adopted a Dearmine Evans from me! She messaged me regularly with updates and paid her layaway off quickly. She's super friendly and I'd gladly do business with her again. :D
    14. I bought Dearmine Nocturne Eclipse from AcidReign, and everything went absolutely perfectly! Thank you so much!