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Feedback for Acleox

May 26, 2010

    1. :D Thank you so much for all of those i made transaction with.
      Please leave your feedback here. :)
    2. I sold a wig to Acleox. The transaction went very smoothly. Quick communication, payment, and she let me know when the item arrived. Thanks! :)
    3. Sold a mohair wig to Acleox. Fast payment and was awesome to deal with. A++++ Thanks
    4. bought a j depp edward sissocorhand head, fantasic really stunning
      excellent seller - highly recomend
      thank you xxxx
    5. Acleox bought from me two wigs. Transaction was very good. Fast payment, good communication. I can recomend that buyer :).
    6. Cleo bought a wig from me, communication was excellent and payment was immediate. Thank you for such a pleasant transaction!
    7. acleox bought wigs from me and was an absolute pleasure to deal with.

      Lovely communication and prompt payment!

      Thank you so much! :aheartbea
    8. Acleox bought a K-Doll head from me, and the transaction was flawless. Thanks again! :D
    9. acelox bought SD10 girl body from me
      Nice and smooth transaction. Thank you!
    10. Acleox purchased a SD doll from me. The communication was excellent, payment was perfect and it was a pleasure to do business with Acleox. I highly recommend and hope someday to play dollies again! Lots of A+ssssss!!!! Thank you!
    11. sold yuri head to her .
      I hope next time when you do trades , If you're going to be late , please tell seller first.
      most of time I was asking to you.
      anyway , she kept her promise , and finished long trade.
      Thank you:)
    12. Acleox purchased severial doll head from me XD
      she is very nice ! our business goes smoothly and she pays really fast XD
      thank you !
    13. Sold a doll head to acleox. She paid promptly and answered all my PMs fast.
      Thank you. :)
    14. I sold a pair of shoes to acleox. She was a pleasure to deal with the entire transaction, quick to respond and paid very fast!

      Thank you!
    15. I sold a volks body to acleox on layaway, and it was a pleasant transaction. She made payments as she promised and always prompt to updates. She also let me know when she got the package. I'd love to do business with her again in future. Thanks!
    16. acleox purchased a vesuvia lower torso from me, and everything went splendily, and kept up good communication. would love to work with agian
    17. Acleox bought a head from me. she kept me update through out the short layaway. She also let me know when it got to here. Made quick payments and on time. Great transaction and would love to deal with her again.
    18. I sold a Volks SWD School A head to Acleox via layaway. She was great. She made almost all her payments on time (other then the last one which was slightly delayed), and kept in contact with me all the way through. I'd happily work with her again and I hope she loves her new deary. ^^ Thank you
    19. I sold some wigs to Acleox who was of few words, but very quick to respond to pm and to pay for the wigs. Also let me know when the items arrived! It was a smooth transaction! 8D
      Would love sell to again.
    20. I sold two SD heads to Acleox and all was perfect with prompt payments as she said and a very nice communication ! Thanks a lot !!