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Feedback for Acruv16

Oct 16, 2008

    1. I sold a head to Acruv16, and the whole transaction couldn't have been more pleasant. Timely payment, constant communication, and she was very friendly. Thanks for such a smooth transaction! :D
    2. Acruv16 participated in my Michael Jackson Minimee group order and everything went through smoothly.

      Take care of Michael~ <3

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for your participation in one of my group orders! :pcake:bcake
    3. Acruv16 purchased my DOD DOT Lahoo and everything went perfectly! She paid super fast, was always friendly in communications and even let me know he arrived safely ^_^ I highly recommend her!
    4. I sold a male NS Super Gem body to Acruv16 (with a modded/shortened neck). She did a quick layaway and paid on time. She also let me know when he arrived safely. Would definitely transact with again!
    5. Acruv16 bought my SoulDoll Vito Edmund. Everything could not have been better! Payment was fast, communication great, and they let me know the second the doll arrived! Thank you so very much for being such a great buyer!
      Positively recommend!
    6. Acruv16 bought a YOSD boy from me and everything went perfectly! Friendly, enthusiastic buyer who was very excited about adopting my boy! I would definitely work with her again. This couldn't have been a better experience.
    7. Acruv16 bought my Erzulie from me and was great to work with. Very enthusiastic, and paid the layaway off early. Would definitely work with them again.
    8. Acruv16 purchased my Boy & Girl Sky SD boy. She had great and timely communication and was very friendly throughout! She initially needed layaway but paid him off in one payment. She let me know when he arrived safely.

      Overall was a wonderful transaction. I would do business with her again anytime and highly recommend her! :) Thanks again!
    9. Acruv16 bought a Dollshe Rosen from me on layaway. They kept me informed of when they were going to make payments and payments were made as scheduled! Overall, communication was fantastic and I was very happy with the transaction! Excellent buyer! Thank you so much! :D
    10. I traded my Souldoll Vito Rouse head for Acruv16's Souldoll Vito Edmund head :) After selling my Edmund in early 2015, I was extremely sad and missed him a lot. I contacted Acruv16 after seeing that she owned one in the hopes to get my baby back. My experience with Acruv16 was amazing! They got back to me agreeing with a trade and we were finally both able to get our heads today!
      Acruv16's communication was amazing and friendly throughout all of our dealings :)
      I would gladly work with them again in the future and would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or trade!
    11. Positive feedback
      Acruv16 bought a doll from me on layaway and they were absolutely wonderful to sell too and always had fast communication and all the payments were on time.
      Acruv16 let me know when the doll arrived and was so much fun to talk to and work with, I highly recommend her and would be happy to work with them again if the opportunity arises.:)
      Thank you so much Acruv16!:hug:
    12. Acruv16 bought my DOD DoI Luke from me. Communication was fast and friendly and payment was prompt. They let me know when he arrived asap too. I would definitely recommend doing business with them. Thanks again! :)
    13. I sold Acruv16 some SD sized clothing. Overall it was an excellent transaction! All communication was fast and friendly. Payment was sent very quickly and I was notified as soon as the items arrived. I would be happy to sell to Acruv16 again and would be glad to recommend as a buyer. Thanks for an awesome transaction! :thumbup
    14. Positive transaction

      I sold my IslandDoll Louis to Acruv16 and it was a very fast, simple transaction. Contact was very clear and quick, payment was immediate. I was notified when the doll was out for delivery and arrived safely. I would happily work with this buyer again in the future! Thanks!
    15. Just finished a perfect transaction with Acruv16. They bought a doll from me and everything was very smooth. I would recommend doing business with them.
    16. Super positive feedback
      Acruv16 adopted one of my dolls. A joy to deal with! Always communicating, always reliable in her informations and actions, prompt payment, always kind. I would do business with her again in a heartbeat. And... she's one of those rare people that make you feel good when you've met them. I actually enjoyed this!^^
    17. Acruv16 purchased a Dollheart dress from me.
      Good communication and prompt payment. An overall pleasant transaction!
    18. Acruv16 bought my SD17Gou Yukinojo over a year long lay away, and I am impressed with their tenacity and determination to make it all the way through!
      Communication was terrific, always letting me know of any trouble, and when payments were coming up (PayPal doesn't always tell me when I get money, just when I spend it), always friendly and nice.
      It's been a real pleasure! I highly recommend Acruv16 to any and all! 100%! ^__^
    19. Acruv16 purchased a 5Stardoll Angelo from me on layaway. She's very friendly and paid him off well before the layaway ended. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again! :)
    20. Sold an outfit to Acruv16 and had a very pleasant transaction! Prompt, friendly communication. Quick payment and overall joy to deal with. Definitely would do business with again and would recommend as a buyer to anyone! A+++!! Thank you very much!