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.::Feedback for ACuriousGirl:.

Jan 6, 2009

    1. On account that I just made my starting to make Marketplace purchases, a feedback thread! :)

      If you've had a smooth transaction with me and are happy with the way things went please leave good feedback for me <3

      - Rina (ACuriousGirl)
    2. ACuriousGirl bought a pair of 14mm Green eyes from me and the transaction was beautiful. I would most definitely work with her again.
    3. I sould a Migidoll Ryu head to ACuriousGirl and she was lovely to deal with! She paid quickly and has good communication!
      A highly recommended buyer :)
    4. ACuriousGirl bought a handmade hoodie from me and was quick to pay. She even let me know when the item arrived!
      Thank you! A+ buyer.
    5. I bought a Chocolate Fer from ACuriousGirl. It arrived quickly and in great condition! ^^ Highly recommended!
    6. Curious was in my Dollmore GO >U< She was always friendly, polite, and prompt~ <3 I'd definitely love to host her again anytime ^u^! She is an all around wonderful participant!

      Thank you! ^u^
    7. ACuriousGirl bought a wig from me and it was a perfect transaction from start to finish. I'd sell to her again in a heartbeat <3
    8. ACuriousGirl participated in my M3 Studio GO. Communication was good, all payments were made on time, and I was informed when the parcel arrived. Made for a nice, smooth group order. <3
    9. ACuriousGirl joined a LUTS group order I organized.
      The communication was smooth and payment was swift. Recommended buyer!

      Thank you so much. ^^
    10. I just bought a Feilian from her and she was amazing! Great condition and the extras were really cute. THANK YOU! Communication was great.
    11. Acuriousgirl was a part of my dollmore group order and she was an awesome participant! Paid invoices quickly and let me know when thier stuff arrived! Thank you so much :D
    12. Acuriousgirl bought my Miyu from me. Fast payment, great communication, perfect transaction! Highly recommend! Hope you enjoy her for many years! :D
    13. ACuriousGirl bought some SD shoes and jewelery from me. With prompt payment, friendly communication and notifying me when the parcel arrived, what more could a seller want? :aheartbea

      Highly recommended! A+++++
    14. I sold a SD girl shirt to ACuriousGirl and the transaction was excellent. Highly recommended buyer, thank you so much! :)
    15. ACuriousGirl joined my Leekeworld GO and was a pleasure to deal with! Communication was excellent, very friendly and payment was prompt. Overall a very smooth and easy transaction, thank you so much!
    16. Absolutely wonderful :) I bought a yo-sd chika from ACuriousGirl and she was perfect shipped perfectly. She is a great communicator spand super friendly and allowed me to pay in two payments. Would recommend to anyone to deal with her she is great.
    17. I bought a pair of converse MSD boots from her and they arrived quickly and nicely. They are as described. She was very communicative and let me know when they shipped with a tracking number.
    18. I bought a great Nine9 Style jacket from Rina, and I could not be more pleased! Fast shipping and great communication!!
    19. I bought a wig from ACuriousGirl and it arrived well-packed and it perfect, silky smooth condition. Great communication, would buy from again!
    20. I bought a Migidoll Ryu/FDoll hybrid from ACuriousGirl. Great seller, absolutely flawless transaction! Definitely would not hesitate to buy from again!

      Thanks so much, I love this guy!