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Feedback for Adamantine

Oct 9, 2010

    1. Hello, I've recently made some purchases and hopefully will find something to offer on sale later as well. Here is where you can rate me! :D
    2. I sold a delf body to Adamantine - very quick communication, understanding of delays and let me know when it arrived! Recommended buyer, thanks again!
    3. Positive! I sold a head to Adamantine. Her PP address and PM address were different and neither of us realized it, so of course I ended up shipping to the wrong address. Adamantine stayed cool through the whole process while we tried to track down her package. Prompt communication, prompt payments, and friendly PMs make Adamantine is a great buyer and a great DoAer to chat with! Thank you!
    4. Adamantine took part in my first ever group order. She was friendly, prompt in paying and replying to my PMs. She let me know when she recieved her items and I would definately sell/be involved in a GO with her again. Thanks!
    5. Adamantine bought a Luts Soony from me, was a pleasure to deal with
      would happily deal with again ^_^
    6. She bought my Luts Mill girl and was great to deal with. Payment was fast. communication great, altogether an ideal transaction. I'd recommend her to anyone.
    7. Adamantine bought an SD dress set from me, communication was excellent and she paid almost immediately! She even politely inform me when the item arrived. A great buyer, thanks again! :)
    8. Adamantine participated in my NDoll group order and I wouldn't hestitate in dealing with her again :) Thank you!
    9. Adamantine participated in my Iplehouse GO.
      She paid very fast, communication was nice and always friendly. Everything went smoothly.
      I highly recomend her! 100% positive! ^^
    10. Adamantine purchased dress from me. She was really sweet and everything went perfect. I wouldn't hesitate to buy or sell with her in the future.

      Thanks again!
    11. adamantine bought some ajamapama socks from me,she is a very nice buyer,a pleasure to sell to,thank you
    12. Adamantine bought a SD hairpiece from me and it was a wonderful transaction. She is a lovely buyer, fast payment. She even politely inform me when the item arrived. Thank you so much. ^^
    13. I bought a doll from adamantine, and she was a pleasure to deal with throughout. Communication was fantastic, and when we hit a little snag she was very committed to getting everything resolved. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again, and would happily recommend to others.
      Thanks again!
    14. Adamantine bought a some items from me and was a great buyer! Nice PMs and fast payment! Highly recommended!!! Thanks again!!!
    15. Adamantine participated in my NDOLL Group Order. She was an easy and polite person to communicate with, and there were no complications. ^ ^ I recommend her to anyone.
    16. Adamantine joined my Leeke GO.
      She was very fun to work with, very enthusiastic, very helpful! When it was looking like we would be slightly short, she offered to add some extras to the order. Everything went smoothly, she communicated well, and paid on time.
      Recommended to anyone! I would love to trade with her in the future.

    17. I have been fortunate enough to purchase Unoa Lusis kit off Adamantine :D
      She posted her straight away and I got her today in perfect condition. Wonderful transaction, thank you.
      I am sooooo happy.
      Thank you ^^ xxx
    18. i bought a Soom Mylo from Adamantine! she was totally awesome, accepted my offer, generously offered to do a faceup on my new girl, and was sweet enough to give me a pair of Soom eyes when a little accident in shipping happened and Mylo's human feet were left out of the package and had to be shipped later.

      Adamantine is a great seller, always polite, super sweet, and a talented face up artist too ^_^ i would reccommend her highly!
    19. adamantine purchased a unoa zero with latea face plates from me and was very pleasant to deal with - a great transaction ^^
    20. adamantine purchased a fukubukuro item from me. Communication was great, payment was very fast. It was a wonderful transaction! :) Thank you!