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Feedback for Aditya-sama

Aug 15, 2011

    1. Hay there!

      If we've had a transaction with one another, please feel free to leave feedback!

    2. I sent a head to Aditya-Sama she is very nice, Great contact, greatly understanding. I'm very happy she bought my dolls head ^^
    3. Aditya-sama bought a doll from me and paid promptly. She is so sweet and cute to work with. :) Thank you for a great transaction. I highly recommend Aditya! <3
    4. Sold a floating head to Aditya-sama and she was a total delight to work with, from start to finish. Payment was very fast and communication good throughout the transaction, and I was let know when the package arrived. Wonderful buyer!
    5. I sold a Soom Chrom head to Aditya-sama and everything went perfectly! Fast payment and good communication. Thank you!
    6. I received a commission from Aditya-sama and had a wonderful transaction. She was very prompt with her responses, and was very pleasant throughout our transaction. Payment for the commission was made on time without issue. She is a joy to work with and was an excellent client to work with. I would gladly work with her again. :)
    7. Aditya-sama bought a Saiph head from me on layaway, and though she asked for a 2 month period (to be safe) she paid it off in like 2 weeks!! She is the first person I was willing to go for a layaway and I am just delighted with how it worked out. I would gladly do business again with her!
    8. aditya-sama bought my beryl's head.
      very good transaction
    9. Aditya-sama commissioned a face up from me for her Soom Saiph, and she is a wonderful person to deal with. The communication was friendly and she always replies very quick. The payment was prompt, and she also she let me know when she received her doll at home. Everything went perfectly and I highly recommend her!
      Thank you so much!!
    10. I've bought a body from Aditya-sama(Fairyland Feeple65,NS).
      The transaction was one of the best I've ever had. Aditya-sama is a very nice and friendly person,she let me have a 1 month layaway and responded promptly.
      The body(and,sure,it was well-packed) was shipped the same day I made my last payment. Should I say more? I would definitely work with Aditya-sama again!

      Here is my Soom Onyx(used to be NS) on her new body *Q*
    11. I bought a Free Choice Beryl head from Aditya-sama, and she is the best--she really went out of her way to send it the way I wanted, which I so appreciated, shipped it safely and fast-- and she is just so nice! Such a pleasure to do business with, and I am so thrilled to have Beryl here! :D :D
    12. I have bought a special edition Dia in brown skin from Aditya-sama. She's a wonderful person to deal with. The communication was very fluid, plus she was so kind with me in this whole transaction. She was very careful to sent the doll, using a lot of protection to ensure it (newspaper and bubblewrap). She sent the doll the promised day and answered any kind of questions related to the transaction :aheartbea

      Thank you so much!!
    13. I bought a SOOM MD cream white skin Amber head which come with SOOM face-up from Aditya-sama. shipped out quickly and well packed. Everything was perfect from the very beginning. Thanks a lot!
    14. Aditya-sama participated in my Soom White Rabbit Split. She was patient throughout the entire transaction even when Soom took a while to ship. Her payments were always on time- in fact she was early with most of them and her communications were prompt and courteous. I would gladly have her as a split partner again.
    15. Aditya-sama adopt Switch-Vian head from me. She's very nice and make smooth transaction. Prompt payment, Thank you so much:)
    16. I bought a soom sg white rabbit human grinning boy from aditya-sama on a layayaway...she was supper kind and the whole transaction was totally perfect...super fast shipping to me also...yay.
      I would certainly do business with aditya-sama again a+++++ seller
    17. I bought a head from Aditya-sama, she was lovely and friendly. Super fast shipping~ I also appreciate that she paid out for the extra shipping due to quoting error, thank you very much~ Was also patient and understanding when I couldn't get the tracking to work.
      I would definitely recommend her to other buyers~
      Thank you once again~
    18. Aditya-sama bought a Volks DD head from me. Paid fast and kept in communication until the package arrived. ^^ Smooth transaction, no trouble whatsoever. Would definitely recommend her as a buyer! :D Thank you so much!
    19. I sold a doll to Aditya-sama
      she was a super nice buyer!
      she paid quick and was kind enough to let me know when she got the doll
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    20. I sold Aditya-sama a head. Communication was great, payment fast, would trade again anytime!

      Aditya-sama, enjoy your new head!

      !!!!Highly recommended!!!!