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Feedback for AEKWORKS

Oct 14, 2010

    1. Feedback for AEKWORKS

      G'day!, if you've had a transaction with me, please post some feedback in this thread.

      Thank you very much!

    2. Aek just adopted my JID Joshua. ^^ Transaction was perfect. He paid very fast, communication was very smooth, and he let me know as soon as the package arrived. ^^ We become friends, too. Aek is a really nice buyer, I won't hesitate to do transactions with him again!

      :aheartbea Aek : Thank you for the wonderful feedback, and for adopting my Joshua. ^^ I'm sure you will be happy with him!! :aheartbea

    3. AEK bought a pair of Iplehouse boots from me and was a real pleasure to do business with. Was kind enough to let me know when they arrived safely too. Thanks again!!
    4. AEK is a wonderful buyer! He is fast to pay and has excellent communication. He is a real dear to talk to and also let me know when Tatiana arrived! An A+++ Transaction!
    5. I sold Iplehouse heels to AEKWORKS.
      Everything went great. great communication and fast payment.
      Thanks for buying from me~!
    6. I sold an IH wig to Aekworks. Very easy transaction. Quick payment and very friendly. I would for sure sell to again ^__^
    7. I recently ordered custom EID jeans from Aekworks. They are expertly made, fit her brilliantly and there is some amazing attention to detail - would totally buy from Aekworks again
    8. AEKWORKS bought a wig from me, very polite and very awesome! Would work with again for sure<3
    9. I Recently bought a wonderful Iplehouse Asa from AEKWORKS. The doll arrived in perfect condition and was as described.. Her clothing was so well made and I was more than delighted with the whole transaction. AEKWORKS is wonderful to do business with and I recommend him very highly. His clothing line is just the BEST,,, Hope to do business with him again,,,
    10. Sold an Iplehouse head to Aekworks, she paid right away and kept in touch, great to deal with, thanks alot!
    11. Aekworks purchased an Iplehouse Soo head from me. Fantastic to work with, friendly with great communication. Highly recommend. Thanks much and enjoy!!
    12. I contacted Aekworks about a shirt and pants set for my JID Iplehouse Kyle. I showed her images and explained to her what I wanted-- and she came through 100% The clothes are of high quality and display better craftsmanship than the clothing I received with my doll, and by far surpassed my expectations. Her communication was great and she was always able to answer my questions within a day or so of my posting them. I look forward to commissioning more outfit from her in the future.

      The outfit:

    13. Excellent buyer! Fast payment, nicec hat! I would be happy to deal again. I recommend to everyone!
    14. Purchased a Fairyland Lora from me. Made everything an easy transaction, quick payment and overall just wonderful. Thanks again! :)
    15. AEWORKS responded to my WTB for an iplehouse asa head. The transaction was A+, everything went really smoothly and i couldnt have asked for a better seller as i was going through a move and AEWORKS was very patient with me. Thank you again!
    16. AEWORKS is great! I ordered a pair of jeans for my SD Ingenue by Twigling, jeans that AEWORKS designed to fit that special, artist-made doll that has non-standard measurements. The jeans arrived right away, superbly well made. They were carefully packaged, too. My doll is due to arrive in a few days and I can hardly wait to get it dressed in true Colorado, USA style -- blue jeans are the standard, LOL!

      Thanks so much AEWORKS. I'll be back to order more clothes for Ingenue soon and look forward to your design ideas.
    17. I've bought several pairs of jeans from Aekworks for my ladies. All transactions went very smoothly. He is wonderful to work with and I will definately be commissioning him for more clothes in the future.
    18. I have bought two Fairyland faceplates from Aekworks. It was problemless transaction, she is excellent in communication, fast detailed polite answers. I'm very glad, she is good partner :)

      Thank you very much, Aekworks!
    19. I commissioned a pair of jeans for my Ylisande from aeworks. Fast and friendly communication and the jeans arrived beautifully packaged. I really love the jeans themselves. Excellent workmanship! I look forward to working with aeworks again. Thank you!