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FeedBack for Aeryn

Jun 1, 2008

    1. Hi,

      Please leave your FeedBack if you have any transaction with me !!

      Thnx Aeryn ;)
    2. I sold a Sist face plate to Aeryn... a great buyer and a super nice person. Have fun with your new face!
    3. Sold my Sist to Aeryn, lovely person to deal with super fast payer and very good communication.Highly recommend:)Thank you so much
    4. Sold a pair of Unoa hands too Aeryn, The Payment was fast and the transaction went smoothly.

      Totally recommended buyer ;)
    5. i sold Aeryn wig. Nice & friendly person to deal with. super quick payment and very good communication. Thanks so much for everything <3
    6. Aeryn bought a Ajumapama dress from me. She is a wonderful buyer :D
    7. I sold her a dress. Instant payment and very nice to work with. I strongly recommed her ^^
    8. I sold Aeryn a Msd wig and she was quick to pay and great to deal with. Wonderful communication :D
    9. I sold a pair of eyes to Aeryn and the transaction was easy and pleasant. She paid promptly and let me know as soon as the eyes arrived safely. Thank you! :)
    10. Aeryn bought a pair of eyes from me. She was great with communication, paid instantly, and let me know as soon as the eyes arrived. Wonderful to work with!
    11. I bought a limited Shoyo from Aeryn. Very good communication and fast shipping. Very satisfied :) ++++ from me!
    12. I sold a skirt to Aeryn, unfortunately the skirt was lost in the post and did not arrive.
      The communication with Aeryn was excellent and she's a pleasure to work with and very patient while I file in the claim with the post office.

      Excellent buyer, I'm just sorry that the skirt was lost but overall she is a pleasure to work with.
    13. GREAT transaction with Aeryn !
      paid quick and super great communication!
      she was kind enough to let me know when she got the doll.
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    14. I just had a great transaction with Aeryn when she bought a doll body from me.
      Everything went smooth with prompt payments and great communication.
      She notified me the moment the body arrived and has been a real pleasure to deal with.
      Very highly recommended!
      Thank you!
      ~Amanda :clover
    15. Aeryn is a wonderful customer, friendly and quick to pay. Highly recommended! :)
    16. Aeryn commissioned me for faceups on two of her dolls. It was a great transaction, she was a very enthusiastic customer who always kept in touch, paid quickly and was generally nice to work with.

      I hope you'll enjoy the girls' faceups for a long time^^
    17. I sold a DH scarf to Aeryn. Communication was great, fast and friendly. She also paid super fast and informed me when the package arrived. Thank you for a very pleasant transaction! :fangirl:
    18. I sold a pair of eyes to Aeryn. She was very fast paying and always nice. Thank you very much!!
    19. Aeryn commissioned me for a faceup on her Lishe head which turned out to be two commissions in the end. She was wonderful to deal with again, even when we had some bumps during shipping to me she always kept me updated. Communication was great, she always gave feedback about the progress pictures in hours, was quick to pay and she also let me know when the heads arrived to her.

      Thank you for this great transaction, and I hope you'll enjoy the girls for a long-long time :3
    20. Aeryn bought a wig from me. Very good communication and very sweet. Thank you for the lovely transaction! :)