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Feedback for Affinite

Dec 9, 2007

    1. Leave me some feedback! :aheartbea

      Thanks :)
    2. Recently sold Affinite a mini game pack and top hat and the transaction went wonderfully -- prompt payment, very friendly, great communication! Would gladly do business with again! :)
    3. Affinite bought a harang head from me on short term layaway. Awesome communication, friendly and just wonderful to work with :) I'd happily sell to her again!
    4. Sold a SD sized jacket to her. Great communication and payment was fast! I'd sell to her again. ^_^
    5. she is really a good buyer!!!!!
      fast payment and nice to deal with~thank you!
    6. I sold a leeke wig to Affinite, she was a prompt and pleasant buyer to deal with.:D Thank you
    7. Just finished a transaction with Affinite where I created a custom outfit for her doll. She was a lovely customer, answering my questions about the outfit and her doll very quickly. A wonderful person and I hope to do business with her again! ^-^
    8. Affinite was part of my December group order. Wonderful to deal with, with good communication and prompt payment.
    9. Affinite buys 2 clothes from me :) Pay fast and was really friendly. Thanks a lot!!
    10. Affinite is so sweet! I was late sending out her package, and she was totally understanding. I wouldn't hesitate to enter into another transaction with her! :D
    11. I just sold a little SD-sized Microscope to Affinite. She's very sweet and wonderful to work with, as well paying very promptly! Would definitely sell to again! :D
    12. Affinite got a dress I had donated to seams for free. She paid the shipping quickly and was a pleasre to do business with. Thank you.
    13. A super "adopter" of one of my dolls! Jes was fast to pay, always very quick with responses to emails and PMs, and a joy to deal with. I hope she is happy with her new Kimmey, and I would love to buy or sell with her again!
      Five :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea!!
    14. Affinite chose me to mod and paint her Libra character into being ^_^
      She was *very* patient with me, always responded quickly with pictures and information when I needed it, and was just generally wonderful to work with.
      She also paid promptly and let me know when Libra arrived home safely!

      Thank you!
    15. Affinite bought a hat from me on Seams for Free. The transaction went very smoothly from start to finish and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again.

      THANKS! ^_^
    16. Affinite bought a shirt from me and it was a fantastic transaction! No problems at all.
    17. I sold Affinite an outfit. It was fast, easy transaction, and I woul definetly deal with her again. Thanks!
    18. I sold Affinite msd weapons, and it was a fast, easy transaction :3 And let me know when the package arrived.
    19. Affinite bought an outfit from me. Good buyer thanks!! :aheartbea
    20. Affinite answered on my WTB thread on a Marketplace subforum, and offered to sell me a LE doll that has been sold out at an extremely reasonable price.
      The doll arrived to me safely and swiftly, and it was in stunning minty condition, packages still sealed.
      Affinite was also always very active and friendly in her communication.

      Thank you for a smooth and wonderful transaction!
      I'll be sure to treasure my new adorable boy. X3