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Feedback for Agea

Dec 15, 2010

    1. I'm starting a feedback thread for Agea, so if you've had a transaction with her, you may leave feedback here!
    2. Agea commissioned me to do a face-up and body blush for her Soom Nenad. Her communication was excellent, she is such a nice person to deal with. Thanks for sending your lovely doll to me, Agea!
    3. A+ buyer!

      Agea bought a Soom feary from me and everything went wonderfully smooth. :) She was very considerate and friendly. Payment was prompt. Wonderful buyer! Thank you for a great transaction!
    4. Agea recently purchased a Cuprit Crown from me. Top grade buyer. Friendly, prompt, and all around a pleasure to deal with. We need more courteous buyers like this one! Thank you very much for the smooth sale!
    5. Hi there! I have sold my Cuprit Wish Upon The North Wind to Agea and she was the most beloved and sweet buyer I ever had! Everything was perfect, the paiement was fast and the communication just soooo lovely!
      I hightly recommend this person to anybody who wants to do a transaction with her!!
      Thank you sweety!! I Adore you!!
    6. Agea bought my Heliot's bow and arrow and was perfect to work with. Thanks so much for a great transaction! :D
    7. Agea Purchased a little metal Crown from me. Great comunication, prompt payment and she was over all a dear to work with. I would gladly do business with her again.
    8. Agea purchased a Soom Cuprit head from me. Payment was quick, communication friendly and a pleasant transaction all-around. :) I hope you enjoy her!

      Thanks again!