Feedback for

Aug 22, 2018

    1. You can post your feedback here if I bought something from you or you bought something from me.
    2. Brought something from and have received no response of any kind after I made payment to her. She has vanished and it doesn't look like I will be getting my doll. Opened up a dispute with Paypal today 9-19-18. Hopefully I will be able to get my money back.
      And I am not the only one this happened to.
    3. I also paid for a doll from almost two weeks ago with no replies to my messages. I also opened up a claim with PayPal. I will update my review as needed, but hoping she will respond to those of us waiting. :/
    4. I’ve bought a Minifee body and got no doll and she didn‘t send my money back. I‘ve bought a Fairyland body from from the Netherlands. Exactly on the day she wanted to send the body, she allegedly got sick. I waited a week and asked again where my body was. I got the answer, it would have been worse. She would be in the hospital now. I waited another 2 weeks. In the time she has offered more dolls for sale.

      I told her I would contact PayPal. She said that if the doll was not on her way until Monday, she would send me back my money. I am waiting for another week. I have handed over the case PayPal. I hope I get my money back.

      And today I read in the DOA under her name "Being paged".