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Feedback for Aimiya

Mar 22, 2009

    1. Since I just recently bought something from someone, I figured I'd put one of these up now.

      If I've ever bought something from you, traded with you, if you've ever bought something from me, etc. please leave some feedback :D Thanks~
    2. Aimiya participated in my first dollmore group order. Her payment was very prompt and she was easy to work with.

      Thanks for helping make this GO run so smoothly~ <3
    3. Bought a wig from Aimiya recently.
      Wonderful communication and explained everything to me. Also considerate regarding payment + shipping.
    4. I sold a pair of high heel feet to Aimiya. She was kind, courteous, and kept up great communication. I would certainly enter into another transaction with her anytime!
    5. I bought Amber fauna arms and hands from Aimiya.
      She sent the package out very quickly and protected the parts carefully.
      Plus, the post office clerk made a mistake about the shipping rates. Aimiya refund me the whole shipping cost. It was very generous because It was not her fault at all :)
      Aimiya is a very nice person and I highly recommend her!

      thank you :aheartbea
    6. I purchased Soom MD Amber eyes from Aimiya. She was always very nice, responded to pm's quickly, and shipped the eyes out in record time! :D What was awesome and totally unexpected was that the shipping price quoted was just a teensy bit more (by a few cents) than the actual price and she refunded me the difference, it was very sweet and honest of her to do that. :) Would highly recommend her to others! She is wonderful to do business with.
    7. I purchased Soom MD Amber antlers and am very happy with them! Aimiya was wonderful to work with and shipped them out in no time. They came very well packaged in just a few days from when they were sent. Would defiantly buy from her again!
    8. I bought a pair of high heel feet from Aimiya. She was wonderful to talk to and shipped them out to me very quickly. She even told me when she wasn't able to get to the post office when she thought and that was very considerate of her. She was a lovely seller and I for sure would do business with her again :). Thank you!
    9. I bought some Amber fauna hoof parts from Aimiya, and she was SUPER nice and the parts were shipped very quickly. The parts were also packaged very nice and safe. Would defiantly buy from her again!!!! <3
    10. I bought a Dream of Doll Twin-key from Aimiya, all PM's were super fast & friendly. She gave me very detailed description & pictures of the doll, & I couldn't be happier. She shipped her out when she told me she would & it arrived to me very well packaged & safe. I recommend & would have more transactions in the future.
      Thanks a bunch!!
    11. I joined Aimiya's Chalco split for eyes. Communication was very
      good and my eyes were sent to me quickly!!!! Thanks so much :)
    12. I was in a split for Chalco's hooves and Aimiya was the host. Couldn't ask for a better split leader! The hooves were packaged and arrived safely! Thanks!!! <3
    13. I was just in Aimiya's split for Chalco's mask and horns. She offered a great price and i recieved them so quick! They were packaged so so well! Thanks.
    14. I few months back I went in on a Chalco GO for his lovely outfit. Aimiya maintained great communication throughout the whole transaction. My outfit arrived today, and it is grand!
    15. I bought a pair of hands from Aimiya. Contact was very friendly.
      She sent the package out very quickly and the hands were perfectly bubble wrapped and arrived here save and sound.
      She is a very nice seller and I would definitely do business with her again.
      Thank you :sweat
    16. I bought a SOOM Supergem Chalco body from Aimiya and it was an awesome transaction. <3 She packed the body so well and shipped it super fast. She's very lovely to talk to as well. :)
    17. I bought two Soom dolls from Aimiya, she replied the message very quickly, good communication, packaged the dolls very well and sent them so quickly. She is a very good person, I recommend her to everyone as a seller! Thank you very much~!
    18. I bought Soom doll from Aimiya. Aimiya was very friendly and wonderful to deal with. Aimiya answered PM's promptly and was quick to send the doll out. The doll arrived well packed.

      I would definitely recommend doing business with Aimiya!
    19. I bought a pair of Fairyland eyes from Aimiya. She shipped them out very quickly and they arrived in perfect condition. Would definitely recommend her as a seller.
    20. Aimiya sold me a pair of beautiful glass eyes. She sent them out super fast and they arrived very quickly. Wonderful transaction and the eyes look great! I highly recommend Aimiya. :>