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Feedback for Airs

Oct 14, 2010

    1. Didn't see a feedback thread, so I'll start one. ;)

      I sold Airs an AoD MSD Type 2 White Skin body, and the transaction was flawless! She sent the payment immediately and there were no troubles! I would have no problem recommending her as a buyer, and would definitely sell to her again!
    2. I sold a pair of ED urethane eyes to Airs and it was a fantastic transaction. She was friendly, paid promptly, and let me know when the eyes arrived. I would be happy to do business with her again. :)
    3. Sold an MSD Wig to Airs.
      Payment was prompt, communication was quick and friendly.
      A perfect buyer <333
    4. Airs was a wonderful buyer. Prompt payment, quick responses, and told me when the item arrived in their mail.
    5. Airs bought a msd couch from me & paid quickly, & was great to communicat with!:)
    6. Airs purchased a leekeworld wig from me. She paid promptly and kept excellent communication despite the wig getting delayed in the mail for a bit. Thanks so much for the smooth transaction
    7. Sold a few clothes to Airs! Was she was awesome to work with! The transaction was great! Thanks again!
    8. I sold a pair of eyes to Airs. Great transaction!
    9. I painted two heads for Airs and she aided the process with excellent communication and prompt payment as well. I would gladly work on any dolls for her again!
    10. I bought 2 pairs of glass eyes from Airs and everything went better than perfect! :) They only took a week to get to the US from Canada and her communication throughout the transaction was excellent.
    11. Purchased a pair of glass eyes from Airs~

      The transaction was incredibly smooth and worry-free; Airs was very polite and very friendly to deal with, which was a definite plus. :aheartbea

      Thanks for the lovely eyes!
    12. Airs purchased a Soom Tuff/Sueve human head from me and once again it was a smooth, easy transaction. Communication was great and she paid promptly. I highly recommend her as a buyer.
    13. Bought a pair of glass eyes from Airs, super fast response and very friendly to buy from. Got eyes very quickly and they looked even better than her clear picture. Very pleased, perfect seller. ^__^

      Thank you so much!
    14. Bought two pairs of eyes from Airs! They were shipped quickly, and communication was superb! They're perfect, thanks!! <33
    15. Airs bought a MSD blue wig from me and paid promptly. Friendly communications and she let me know when it arrived. Couldn't ask for a better transaction! Thank you!
    16. Did some more work for Airs and just like the first time, evertyhing went fine. Prompt payment and excellent communication!
    17. I bought the most perfect little white resin Fei head from Airs. The transaction was wonderful and fun, to boot. A perfect seller!
    18. I sold some Glot resin wings to Airs and she was lovely ^^ Payment and communication was fast as well as friendly and polite. Would definitely recommend and deal with again ^^
    19. Sold a pair of Soom Taco horns to Airs! She is a very patient and polite buyer, I would be happy to deal with her again anytime. o/ Thanks for the easy transaction!
    20. I couldnt have asked for a better fellow split partner when our items accidentally got mixed up with the addresses from the sender. She was SO careful with my items and with a worry that the items were jingling in the bag abit, opened the parcel and resealed them with more bubble wrap just to make sure they had a safe journey to me. She promptly forwarded my item to me and i received it safe and sound. Thank you so much airs!! Will happily do business with you again.