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Feedback for Aizul_doll

Jan 13, 2010

    1. Aizul_doll bought a Soom Beyla R. head from me. Communication was great and she let me know as soon as the head arrived. I'd be happy to work with her again. :)
    2. Aizul_doll is an awesome buyer! She bought my Sa fi head from me. She was prompt, understanding, and very sweet! I'd love to deal with her again! :aheartbea
    3. I was in a Soom Minette-split that Aizul hosted, and everything went beautifully. ^^
      I have nothing bad to say~!

      Thanks again for the head. :3
    4. I participated in a Soom Minette split that Aizul_doll hosted. She communicated great through it, let us know when the package shipped from Soom, and mailed them to us super quick. When my package took longer than expected to get to me she was supportive and helpful on her end by checking her post office for updates. The body arrived packed well.
    5. +1 i've participated a soom adamelli split (for the head), great communication, fast shipment, ... thanks for all
    6. I participated in a SOOM Shale split for the hooves hosted by Aizul_doll ^^ Communication was great, the items were packaged well, and arrived in good condition.
      I would participate again! Thank you very much :)
    7. I participated in a split with Aizul for the outfit of Soom Adamelli.
      Everything was perfect from beginning to end.

      I happily recommend her to everyone!!
    8. I've joined a Soom's split organised by AizulDoll for Shale and Adamelli and all was perfect: great communication and very cute package with candies ^_^ thank you! Excellent transaction!
    9. Got my new Soom head from Aizul_doll today and it is in perfect condition.
      Thank you so much for the business.
    10. Aizul bought a DoD DoT I-ra from me. She was very good to communicate with during the whole transaction. And we even got to meet at Dolls & Party where I brought I-ra to her. A perfect buyer, I would certainly do business with her again. Thank you for a perfect transaction.
    11. Great buyer. She was prompt with communication and payment, and let me know when the doll arrived. I would be happy to work with her again. Thank you so much!