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Feedback for Akai Okami

Oct 28, 2008

    1. Please leave a comment here if I've bought from you or anything like that.

      Thank you~ :aheartbea
    2. Akai bought a pair of black boots and a white and black striped shirt from me for her DZ Yuu arrival. She paid fast and was so sweet to deal with. She let me know when items' arrived and how excited she was to try them on her Yuu when he arrives. Always nice to deal with people who keep you informed.
    3. Akai Okami bought a pair off green acrylic eyes from em and paid super fast and was lovely to deal with. Sell with confidence!!!
    4. <3 Akai bought an AA Ling from me (a while ago. o-o;; Forgot feedback, God im so behind!)
      Fast payment, Super sweet! ^_^
    5. Akai bought my CH Lubi recently. We arranged a short layaway plan, and she made both payments right on time. COmmunication was great also. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy Lubi! :)
    6. Akai Okami purchased a pair of DZ Red Glass eyes from me. Paid promptly and responded quickly to PMs and the like. Would happily sell to again!
    7. Akai Okami bought a pair of eyes from me. The payment was quick, communication friendly, and she notified me when they arrived. I'd definitely do business with again :)
    8. Akai Okami bought a Tata's black zip-up shirt from me. Paid right away and great communication, was cheerful and friendly and a joy to deal with. Thank you very much and I'd definitely do business with them again.
    9. Akai bought A NS blank Soom IO from me and the transaction was flawless; a lovely lovely buyer. Great communication, quick and timely payment and overall a real pleasure to do business with. I'm very glad that one of the IOs found a home with her, thank you so much Akai:)
    10. Akai Bought My Iple House OOAK Louis from me. Such a Sweetheart. <3 Will surely do business again!
    11. Did a Mini Pipos GO with Akai last minute when i was to order my girls tails and ears, She is a fantastic person to work with, I cannot say anything better!
    12. Akai participated in a recent Dollmore Group Order I ran. Communication was great and payments were quick. She was also extremely understanding when Dollmore forgot to send an item. Thank you so much for helping to make the GO a success! ^^
    13. Akai bought a MNF Ruth from me.
      Lightning fast payment. Smooth transaction. Absolutely perfect. To the point. Let me know when he arived. :D
      I highly recomend doing business with Akai okami.
    14. Akai Okami bought a CP Delf Type 2 Boy Body from me. She was very sweet and the communication was great! The payment was swift and I had a very smooth transaction~!
      She's a great buyer and a wonderful person to deal with!
      Thank you so much! :D
    15. *Totally taking this Feedback Forum over* XD Akai traded her lovely CH Ai Lubi with me for my SDF Blanchet. <3 I couldn't be happier! Thank you! <3
    16. Akai Okami was a part of my Soom Heliot split and she was wonderful throughout the transaction. She was always very polite and patient and quick with payments.
      I'd love to do business with her again.
    17. Akai Okami bought a Breakaway head from me. Transaction went very well and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again! :)
    18. Akai Okami bought some items from me at Acen and was a delight to deal with.
      Thanks so much and hope to talk to you again.
    19. Hi hi!

      Akai Okami and I worked out a trade, some of my dollie stuffs for her BBB MSD Body. I couldn't be happier with the trade! Akai Okami made sure to check on the package she shipped to me, was prompt with her PM and very, very kind. I honestly hope we can trade again sometime, it was a pleasure.

      Thanks so much!

      DMM :kitty2
    20. Excellent transaction with Akai Okami who purchased an Pipos Robin from me on layaway. Payments were as agreed and communication was great. A wonderful addition to the marketplace. :)