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feedback for Akane_Rina

Aug 12, 2010

    1. Flakey buyer alert

      Akane_Rina made a bid on an auction I had going on for my Onyx. She bid 800$ and indicated she would need layaway. So I pm'ed her back and again went over some details that were part of my auction anyway, to make sure she really understood the conditions she agreed to (things like deposit, shipping, payment and so on). She agreed to everything in her reply. So I listed her bid.

      On July 25th she won my auction and I notified her, asking what kind of layaway she needed.

      In her reply she did not answer that but promised me a payment on the following weekend. She did not pay. She did not communicate either.

      I then pm'ed her again. She did not respond to my questions regarding the missing payment, but now told me she had been too busy to reply and that she wanted a 3 months layaway. I replied laying out the details and conditions of a layaway again, thinking that maybe she misunderstood something. In her answer she offered to miss the first payment altogether, but then pay double on the date when the second payment was due.

      I refused, pointing out the conditions she had agreed to and granting her another one week deadline for the first payment. I told her the deal would be cancelled and I would post feedback for her if she did not pay until then.

      That deadline came and went on August 11th. Akane_Rina made no payment.

      I have the whole thing documented in pms, btw.
    2. She is defiantely a flakey buyer.

      About 2 - 3 weeks ago she PMed me about my isabella asking if i did layaway and then asked for pictures, i responded but then didnt hear from her for a week, sending the message again because maybe it got eatten in PM limbo, she responded last week stating she put money from isabella, so i though maybe we were having a communications problem, so i ask her and give her my paypal, but she again doesnt respond but then later sends a message stating she will make a offer and see if I agree, to which i'm now confused by not knowing if she means when she will do her layaways or her offer of price. I pm her, and have a friend who speaks russian pm her as well, again I get no answer from her, and then when i put my amber up for sale, she wanted to put an offer on it. I told her no as she was working out the isabella, and now I havent heard anything from her since.