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feedback for akasora ^^

Jun 19, 2008

    1. I just got access to the marketplace and I know I will be doing a bit of buying and maybe even selling in the future so I decided to start up my very own feedback thread! :D Hopefully I will be a good buyer/seller!
    2. :thumbup Akasora just bought a darling doll from me - what a super transaction! Great communication - which I really love, fast payment and much more. Couldn't have been any better. Thanks so much,
    3. akasora commissioned a pair of pants and a shirt from me. She was wonderful to deal with. Communication was awsome and payment was sent super fast. And after a mistake on paypal's part, she informed me when they arrived to her.
      I would love to do business with her again. =D
    4. Akasora purchased a CheeryDoll Uniform from me. She kept in excellent contact with me when Paypal was giving her a hard time, but in the end all was resolved for a smooth transaction.

      Excellent buyer. :)
    5. I am delighted in every way with the tiny OrientDoll Dong that I purchased from Akasora! Communication was always pleasant and prompt. My new treasure arrived in a heartbeat and safely packaged. Thank you for such a smooth transaction! Margie
    6. I sold a doll to akasora and it was such a pleasant transaction! She is super nice and sweet to talk to and pays very quickly too. I'm glad my boy found such a wonderful owner to stay with. Thank you so much!
    7. akasora bought a pair of boots from me. Fast payment and smooth transactions!! akasora is great to deal with. Thank you!!! :)
    8. I bought a Xi Aleister head from akasora and the transaction couldn't have been smoother! He arrived very well wrapped and in perfect, flawless condition. Thank you!
    9. akasora and I made a deal and the transaction has been so smoothly.Speedy shipping,great communication,friendly and kind and patient throughout the whole transaction.I won't hesitate to do business with her again.
    10. akasora commissioned me once more for 2 shirts and of course the whole transaction went smoothly. Really awsome dealer, Thanks again! =D
    11. Akasora is wonderful!
      She kindly traded her Homme Ducan for my LE Souldoll Mayu and partial cash.
      Akasora had faith in me and sent Ducan to me(beautifully packed) withn 48 hours and even allowed me to make the payment after I returned from a vacation.
      That is not all...she also included several beautiful shirts and kick a** boots.
      What can I say ? She ROCKS!:D
      Thanks Dearie!
    12. I sold a little Pipos Rooney to Akasora. She was very friendly and kept our communication so smooth. She also let me know when the package arrived to her place.
      Very pleasant transaction and I couldn't ask more :D
      thank you so much!!
    13. I bought a beautiful LE Souldoll Mayu from akasora and I truly couldn't be happier! She was super nice, quick to pm, answered all my questions to the fullest, and even through the little shipping zip code mixup, she remained calm and cool which in turn kept me calm and cool. The Mayu arrived super fast, packaged wonderfully, and all her parts and outfit were in beautiful condition.
    14. akasora joined a Leeke World group order I ran.
      The communication was smooth and overall process went perfect. Recommended buyer!

      Thank you. ^^
    15. Great transaction with Akasora from whom I purchased some amber hands/arms. Shipping was lightening fast, the hands were very well packaged and communication was excellent. Thanks!
    16. Akasora recently purchased a doll from me on layaway. She was very prompt with communication and payments. However, there were some complications after the doll arrived. Akasora was very patient and calm throughout the whole transaction. In the end we managed to come to a satisfactory conclusion for the both of us. While I doubt I will ever enter into another transaction with akasora I would not discourage anyone against doing so.
    17. I bought a Soom Onyx and Amber hooves from akasora. Everything arrived exactly as described two days after I paid!! She was amazing to deal with and I would absolutely do business with her again.

    18. I bought a dress from Akasora. Exceptional communication, super quick to ship, great packaging, friendly PMs. Just all around a quick and great transaction! Thanks so much Akasora, I hope to work with you again!
    19. Sold 2 customized handmade furwigs to akasora. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    20. I sold a YoSD outfit to akasora and it was a very pleasant and smooth transaction.

      She let me know that she received the dress.

      Highly recommended! :D