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Feedback for Akemi3167

May 24, 2011

    1. Hello my dears! Please leave all feedback below. Feedback from different forums can be found in the links below as well. Thanks for stopping by! :sumomo:


      #1 Akemi3167, May 24, 2011
      Last edited: Oct 22, 2016
    2. akemi3167 purchased a kid delf ani boy from me. she was quick to respond to messages and paid immediately; it was a pleasant transaction~ ^^
    3. Akemi3167 purchased a MSD black and SD purple wig from our shop~~~ Super patient customer and fast payment! It was overall a GREAT transaction~ Please come back any time~~~ ^^
    4. Akemi3167 ordered a custom hoodie from me and was perfect to work with! Communication was excellent and the transaction was super-smooth! Highly recommended!!

    5. [​IMG]

      ~*~ Akemi3167 ~*~

      She has participated in my 2nd Dollmore G.O. I couldn't have asked for a better G.O. team member. She was prompt, friendly and a joy to have a transaction with. It's because of people like her that group orders are so much fun and not a burden.

      I would highly recommend her to any G.O. leader!

      Thank you so much again for joining us in this crazy group order!

      :cheer :dance :cheer

      Over and out!

      ~*~ DECY ~*~

    6. Akemi3167 participated in my first GO. She paid quickly, kept up with my PMs and updates and let me know when her items arrived. I am very happy with having her in my GO and would definitively do business with her again.

      Thank you for your help and I am glad you liked your items ^^
    7. Akemi3167 participated in my LUTS GO. She paid promptly and kept updated with the thread. Our 'transaction' was very smooth. Not to mention, she is just a sweetie ♥ so thank you for being a part of my first group order! I would gladly let you join any future GOs I may hold. :)
    8. Akemi3167 joined my Leekeworld GO ^ ^ Payment was sent asap and is very polite! It so nice to work with you! Thank you~
    9. Akemi participated in my dollmore go and was AWESOME! Order was properly organized, paid quickly, and let me know when her items arrived :)
      Thanks again for joining! :D
    10. Akemi bought a doll from me on layaway; she paid regularly and communication was great! Highly recommend her! Thanks again!
    11. Akemi bought a wig from me, everything went great! I would do business with her again. :)
    12. Akemi3167 joined my recent Luts GO and was super to work with! She was definately kind in all our chats, kept me updated on the status of her payment, and was quick to respond to PM's. I would definately recommend her to others for buying and selling, as she helped to make my first GO a grand success! Her girl looks so great in the new wig, too ><.
    13. Akemi3167 purchased a MSD Dollzone bag from me. She was a delight to work with! Paid fast, had great communication, and even let me know when the bag arrived. I would gladly do business with her again. Thanks and Enjoy! ^.^
    14. Akemi3167 participated in my ForMyDoll G.O. Communication was fast & friendly, payment was prompt, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with again! Thank you so much!
    15. Akemi3167 took part in my USA - Twin Snow Eyes GO. She had excellent communication skills and paid for items/shipping on time. I definitely recommend this person for any Go orders.
    16. Purchased Akemi3167 's KDF Ani full doll. Communication was great and the doll was shipped quickly. Would definitely do business again if given the chance.
    17. Akemi3167 purchased a MNF Shiwoo hybrid from me and was absolutely wonderful to deal with! Communication was swift and kind, and I received the payment super fast as well~ I even got a note the moment Shiwoo arrived. Thank you~ :chocoberry
    18. I bought a Dollmore Catish from her and she was a pleasure to work with . Very fast responses, answered all my questions very well and was generally very polite and pleasant throughout. The payment was clean and shipping very quick. I would definitely buy again from her!
    19. Bought migidoll siho head from Akemi. Prompt responses and shipping and great follow up. Would definitely work with again! :daisy
    20. Purchased a DD2 body from Akemi, they were great to deal with! Super fast communication and the body arrived quickly and safely! Thanks so much, sorry for for my late reply.