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Feedback for akeva78

Sep 9, 2008

    1. This is a feedback thread for akeva78 -- I couldn't find an existing thread for her, so I'm going ahead and starting one. :)

      akeva78 participated in my Custom House group order -- her payments were fast, communication was steady, and overall it was very smooth and pleasant transaction. Highly recommended -- an excellent buyer!
    2. akeva78 was in my recent Winona Ryder minimee group order. She was great to work with - paid on time and good communication. I'd recommend her for any other orders. Thanks so much! :aheartbea
    3. akeva78 participated in a minimee GO that I ran. She paid promptly and was easy to communicate with. A great transaction all around. :)
    4. akeva78 commissioned me for her 2 kids' new face-ups and she's so charm person to deal with. Polite and clear communication with super smooth transaction and super safe packing. Very impressive! :D

      Thank you for every sweet things again! ,,> 3<,,)//
    5. I sold a Bambicrony Charity head to akeva78 and it was a great transaction. :) Thank you!!
    6. It was nice to have a transaction with Akeva78. She was kind, very patient. Good communication and fast payment. Thanks again :D
    7. Akeva78 commissioned me for a face up for her LF Shiwoo, bambicrony elf, and ended up doing a DZ Leo for her. :) She was a delight to work with. Fast shipping and payment and kept in touch. Would love to do business with again!
    8. akeva78 participated in my Luts GO. Friendly to deal with and quick payments! Thanks again!
    9. akeva78 participated in my Cate Blanchett Minimee GO. she was responsive to PM's, paid promptly, and was a great addition to the GO.... a trusted buyer.
    10. Akeva78 participated in my fourth For My Doll group order and was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. :) Quick with payments and great communication, our transaction was nothing short of smooth and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again in the future.

      :clover Thank you for your participation in this order! :clover
    11. akeva78 join my Fairyland Split order. Communication was clear and Transaction smooth (aside from a few hiccups from the post office.)

      Thanks for joining!
    12. akeva78 participated in a glass eyes GO I ran. Payment was prompt, and communication was great! I would definitely do business with akeva again, and I highly recommend her to others!
    13. i was a part of akevas Kira minimee GO, and custom hands GO... she is a terrific girl to rely on to run a GO like this... i would happily trust her to organize any other GO... she is very organized, honest, and prompt. I highly recommend akeva! What a darling!
    14. I also participated in akeva78's Kira minimee GO for both head and hands. She did an awesome job of keeping everything on track, listened patiently to all the changes that were requested, and did a wonderful job funnelling information between the GO and Denny at DIM. She was honest, organized and prompt with everything and shipped lightning fast. I can highly recommend her to everyone here on DoA.
    15. I was happy to be a part of Akeva78 's Kira go. I found it well organized and she kept us well informed throughout the process. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to do buisness with her. The items were packed very well and shipped promptly. It was a pleasure! Thanks!
    16. I too was in the Minimee Kira order! It was very well run and I couldn't be happier! Thanks!
    17. I was very lucky to be part of the Kira minimee group order!!!! It was hard work and akeva78 did it well!!!! Shipping out our heads as very fast! Thank you so much!!!
    18. participated in akeva78's kira minimee group order and just received my kira head.

      akira78 did an outstanding, professional job running a challenging group order.
      always on the ball, she kept communication lines open and kept us abreast of all updates
      promptly. dealt with any concerns members had efficiently and pleasantly.

      shipping was prompt and item safely packaged.
      a true pro!

      most definitely recommended!!

      thank you akeva78!!!

    19. akeva78 was in my captain jack minimee order. She paid on time, gave feedback on the cast when needed. Let me know when the head arrived. Pleasure to deal with.
    20. Akeva78 was in my Nine 9 Style Go. Very friendly and paid right away, thanks a lot :) hope you enjoy your clothes.