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Feedback for Akimmy

May 18, 2010

    1. Hello, I did not see a feedback thread for Akimmy so I am going to start one. ^ ^

      Akimmy bought a Customhouse Hyun head from me. The transaction went smoothly and she was very understanding during our communications. I would recommend her for future transactions.
    2. Bought a shirt and some wigs from Akimmy~ Quick to reply, quick to ship out. Thank you so much~
    3. Akimmy commissioned me to do faceups on two of her babies.
      She was very sweet and communication was splendid <3
      Payment was also sent promptly. Wouldn't mind dealing with her again in the future :D
      Thanks Akimmy <3
    4. Akimmy bought Yo-SD Puff from me.
      It was wonderful transaction, nice communication and very fast payment.:aheartbea
      Let me know when got the package.
      Highly recommend and thank you so much again ^^
    5. Akimmy adopted my F-18 Volks msd girl. It was a pleasure dealing with Akimmy. She is a great buyer!