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Feedback for Akito

May 7, 2008

    1. If you have done some deals with me, please leave some feedback here, thank you!
    2. I recently sold a head to Akito and can recommend her as being an excellent trading partner. Communication was great and payment was very prompt - you couldn't ask for better. :)

    3. Sold a pair of miniature spectacles/glasses to Akito. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    4. Bad experience, quoted a price on eyes for her, no response for two days, then she leaves me negative feedback for selling to another customer. I never once promised the eyes to her. I would not deal with her again.
    5. I sold a Ringdoll mechanical arm to Akito, communication was great and she paid when she said she would, I can recommend her ^^
      Thank you, and I wish you and your friend all the best!
    6. i purchased a Soom Afi head and other bits from Akito. Communication was awesome and she shipped her to me very quickly. im very pleased with my transaction with her! <3
    7. Bought a Dollmore body from me, very fast payment and was patient with me while I was moving house.
    8. participate in a Withdoll juwel split, the transaction was really good, the head arrived really well pack it was a very good pleasure doing this split with her. ^_^
    9. I bought the black resin Withdoll Dark Ranger bow from Akito! Akito answered pms very quickly and communication was great! She also shipped quickly as well. The item was packaged very well, though it was very beaten up from travel (which isn't Akito's fault, haha).
      Overall a great transaction. Would buy again!
    10. I've joined to Akito split for the Angels Doll event of March Michael.She was very very kind,very fast in reply,and she had very good communication.
      She was simply perfect and also very promt in keeping updated when she receved her part of the split.I reccomend her since she was basically perfect!
    11. Akito took part in my Dollmore Glamour Eve Muse split. She was wonderful to deal with, paid promptly, and had great communication. I would definitely recommend her to anyone buying, selling, or splitting on DoA : )
    12. I bought the Soom Bazael head from Akito)
      The head was sent very quickly)
      Thanks a lot!
    13. Akito and I had wonderful transaction with a beautiful skirt and top set. As a matter of fact, when I contacted her that I would love the top; she said she would make another to match the skirt. She is very friendly and talented SD clothes maker. Thanks so much again!
    14. I bought a skirt and two tops for my girl from Akito, and she was wonderful! She remade the top I wanted to fit my doll, and everything came well packed, in great condition and beautifully made! I highly recommend her, her work is very high quality.
    15. I bought two shirts from Akito and she was great to work with. Everything was packed well and she had great communication. Thanks!
    16. Overall my experience with Akito was positive but I will explain why my feedback is neutral.

      Akito responded to a want to commission thread I posted and agreed to make the following things for me
      -A hooded cloak
      -hospital clothes
      -a lizard plushie

      Akito was very professional, we negotiated a price and I paid ahead of time (I had the money and Akito asked for at least a partial payment to get materials). Akito asked me questions and showed me reference pictures to make sure that I got what I wanted (hospital clothes are different here in the USA then in Finland of course). It took a while for things to be made, Akito explained there were many things going on (multiple jobs, moving, ect) and I was patient, the wait doesn't bother me if I am getting a quality product.

      Communication was good, Akito sent me progress pictures and made sure I approved everything.

      Now my problem came when I went over a month (about 4-5 weeks or so) without hearing from Akito, at all. Most of that time Akito was off of DOA and I had no alternative contact. I eventually paged Akito and didn't hear any word until Akito logged back into DOA. Now as soon Akito came back online, I got an apology, approved the last item and my items were shipped within a few days.

      Now everything was PHENOMENAL, Akito is extremely professional in all work, everything was expertly sewn and BEAUTIFUL, I absolutely loved EVERYTHING and I thought the price I paid was more then fair.

      If Akito had gotten on just to tell me that things were busy and my things were done yet I would have felt much better then having no contact at all. Despite this I would still consider commissioning Akito again because the quality of the work was top notch, I would just make sure I did not need things in a hurry in case there was another delay.

      Long Story Short: Great price, fantastic quality, professional, there was a block of non communication which worried me but everything turned out okay in the end.
    17. Another +1 for Akito.

      An excellent cloak, well done and in good time.
    18. (against all "bjd hobbyist standards", Akito is and always has been a "he" instead of "she". Just for you to know for future feedbacks. Thank you~ )
    19. I join a split which akito leaded. The communication was normal and the items arrived fine at my home :)
    20. I joined Akito's Isaac split for the tail. Communication was good, he's friendly and shipped the item fast and secure.

      Thank you very much! :aheartbea