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Feedback for Akkhima

Oct 4, 2006

    1. Please post if you have dealt with me. :)
    2. Woot! First Reccomendation! Very Quick! Thank you so much! I love my button plushie!
    3. great faceup...thank you so much!!! I am so happy with how she came out!!![​IMG]
    4. Awesome buyer!!! Great communication, paid as promised. Would deal with again in a heartbeat. Thank you!!
    5. Wonderful Faceup and then some!! Everything you did for Kyle was fantastic! Thank you so so so much! Great business!!! -^^-
    6. Excellent faceup artist and excellent seller. She constantly kept in contact and updated me with the progress of my head through PMs and photos. She listened to what I wanted and did as I asked. She even sent my head back to me when I did not have the funds in my Paypal account to send to her. She is very patient and considerate. I highly recommend doing business with her, because she is very professional and responsible!

      Here is a photo of my doll. Hopefully, I can get a more focused photo later:

    7. Can not go wrong here! Her faceup skills rock! The doll is lovelier in person! I am extremely happy!
    8. I did a trade for some things as well as some sales with Akkhima and she was great to deal with. I'd deal with her again in a heartbeat!
    9. Akkhima organized a LUTS group order. She was great at communication and kept us all up to date on everything that happened. Shipping was fast and inexpensive, and everything arrived safely. A pleasure to deal with!
    10. She ran a group order I went in on. Everything ran smoothly, she kept us up to date, and she was very organizaed and prompt! Huzzah!
    11. Akkhima ran a luts group order and she was awesome!! Kept us up to date every step of the way, shipping was way fast and super cheep! :) thanks again for everything
    12. Akkhima did a great job running the Luts group order, thanks kindly! :)
    13. Akkhima bought some items from my shop. she paid quickly and had great communication. highly recommended
    14. Joined a KStarr group order I was running and everything went great! Fast payment and great communication! Thanks so much!
    15. I received the first Luts order (Bon Nuvel outfit) I made through you. Thank you, the transaction was perfect!

      The communication with Akkhima was excellent, and she put in the order very quickly, which is important when you're afraid the outfit you LOVE could become sold out before you have the time to buy it! ;) I highly recommend dealing with her.

      Can't wait to receive the other order!
    16. I made a Luts order through Akkhima and it was one of the smoothest and easiest transactions I ever made! She ordered at light speed and within 5 days my Kid Delf Elf Ani head was at my door!!!:o She is incredibly well organized, nice to deal with and swift to complete business. I can highly recommend her to everyone.
    17. I purchased wigs through a Luts group order she was running; kept us updated with everything, transaction was smooth, and once items arrived, she shipped them quick! :) Very happy, thanks again!
    18. I bought a Minifee dress from Luts through her, and like last time, the communication was fast and efficient, and I received everything very fast! Thank you! :D (P.S. If you want to see the dress, click on the link in my signature - it's very pretty!)
    19. I joined a Luts group order run by Akkhima and once the item arrived, she shipped it out really fast and I received it in great condition. Thank you! :)
    20. I participated in a Luts group order coordinated by Akkhima. I am very pleased with the transaction. Great communication (she always kept me updated), and I am very pleased with my purchase. Thanks so much Akkhima!