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Feedback for Akuma

Sep 29, 2007

    1. Hello! If you've bought something from me or sold something to me, please post your experience here :)
    2. she is really a good buyer!!!!!
      fast payment and nice to deal with~thank you!

      (a leeke wig L046)
    3. she is really a good buyer!!!!!
      fast payment and nice to deal with~thank you!

      (a leeke wig L046)
    4. Akuma bought a wig from me and the whole transaction was very good! She paid quickly and let me know when it arrived. She even shared a photo of her doll in the wig which I thought was sweet!
    5. Sold a wig to Akuma. She was great to deal with, very sweet and patient while we sorted through some small communication errors. (That whole, not speaking the same language thing.) All in all she was great deal with though, I would definitely not hesitate to deal with her again.
    6. Thank you :kitty2
    7. Akuma bought a Homme Ducan from me. She was a pleasure to deal with and made her payment super fast! Thank you for a great transaction! :)
    8. Akuma purchased a wig from me. The transaction was perfect; she paid quickly and kept me posted when the wig arrived. Would recommend her to anyone. Thanks so much, I hope we can work together again in the future! ^_^
    9. Akuma bought a wig from me, paid quickly and let me know when she got it. Pleasure to deal with! :)
    10. Great transaction thank you :)
    11. I have rehomed Cyber-Bohemian Shiwoo with Akuma. Her communications are excellent, she paid immediately, she told me exactly what would get her new boy through customs quickly and efficiently, and she has sent me the welcoming pictures. She is an absolutely FANTASTIC buyer!
    12. Thank you Julie and you are an absolutely fantastic seller :D
    13. Bought a necklace from my site and everything was smooth, quick payment and a pleasure to have dealt with =D Totally do business with you again ^^
    14. Repeat offender. :3 Akuma is guilty of having two great transactions with me now. Thanks so much for being great to do business with Akuma! :D
    15. Sold a shirt to her! Speedy payment, thanks so much!
    16. i sold wig to akuma. great communication, fast payment. great to deal with :)
    17. Akuma puchased an item from me and it was an excellent transaction!
      Very quick to pay and wonderful communication. Thank you again! :):cake:
    18. Akuma purchased a set of DreadFalls from me!! Communication was great and the whole process went very smoothly!! I would definitely do business with her again!
    19. Akuma bought a pair of eyes from me :) Perfect and quick transaction :) Thank you!! :D
    20. Sold a pair of eyes to Akuma. Great communication and fast payment.
      Thanks a lot:D