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Feedback for Akyra

Jul 3, 2009

    1. Since... You know... She did not have one, being a n00b and such. I decided to make one lol!

      Akyra commissioned me to string together her MSD Volks Sakura, give her a face-up, and do a mani/pedi. She is amazing and always has been and I definately hope to have more business with her. Especially when she visits ^_^

      Thanks hon!

      Now... Everyone else can leave you good word.
    2. Sold a pair of MSD shoes to Akyra and she was a very prompt payer and very friendly, too~! Thank you~! :3
    3. Sold some MSD shorts to Akyra,great communication and the transaction went smoothly! Great buyer, thanks!:)
    4. I sold a sweater to Akyra.She was delightful to deal with. The transaction was easy and perfect. I would love to do business with her again.^^ Thank you very much.