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Feedback For alice_nine

Jan 29, 2010

    1. :) My Feedback's here
    2. alice_nine was part of my group order with EP November 2009.

      She paid super fast for her order was patient with the long wait to receive the order and then paid for shipping between us fast. She was a great participant and I would happily have her in a future group order! :whitetruffle
    3. I joined Dollmore group order with alice_nine.
      She answered my question very fast and always advise me about many dolls because I'm a novice.
      Until now she try to find CIAN head for me because I'm VERY NEED him.
      Appreciate her^^
    4. alice_nine takes the Sleeping head and wig in my LE Bory split.
      Great communication, fast payment, it was perfect.
    5. alice_nine joined my Volks optional part pre-order. She provided great communication and fast payment! Very polite and patient.
      Thank you very much!