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Feedback for Alik

Mar 13, 2010

    1. Yay for feedback! :D

      Please, leave me a feedback if we had a transaction. ♥

    2. Alik took part on my Glati and Glot Split ^_^
      She is really great to deal, very good to communicate and paid all the layaway on the right days.

      I've also bought some things with her, just waiting the arrival to leave another feedback ^_^
      Recommended for sure!
    3. Positive Feedback! Alik commissioned a face-up from me and she's really a sweetie! Great communication, easy to deal! Highly recommended!!
    4. Alik is a close friend, it would be odd not to leave her a feedback... a BIG positive feedback!!
      Last year we did a GO at Ajumapama and she asked for a Felix Brownie, that time she didn't have a paypal account so she asked if we could pay all the order just with mine. Right on the next day she made an wire transfer to my bank account with the right value!
      Highly recommended!
    5. I bought some items with Alik when she ordered a Leeke Go.
      She was really nice and everything did go so well ^^ I totally recommend and really hope we can deal again in the future <3
    6. Positive feedback!
      I bought accessories for my dolls in a Go at Leeke
      She was super organized, caring
      Upon delivery of my items, all were in good condition, well packaged, with a careful and wide

      Highly recommended
    7. Alik bought my JDF Summer Head #2 on layaway. She is prompt with communication, made all payments early and sent a message to let me know that she was making the payment early. She finished the layaway a month earlier than originally planned as well. Overall, a very pleasant and positive transaction with a friendly buyer - I would happily recommend Alik as a wonderful buyer to deal with.
    8. I bought the Soom Ai hooves from Alik. It was a really smooth transaction, she was really patient and it was just fun to deal with her. She's a very kind person and I can totally recommand her. One of the best transactions I ever had! Thanks again for letting me buy the hooves so I'm a step nearer to my dream hybrid!
    9. i bought Afi's head with layaway option from Alik. everything went just perfect! friendly communication, shipping in time and great package. thank you sooo much for this head again! v^_^v
    10. Alik sold me a zip bag. It came in great conditions and was shipped super fast ^^
      She answer quickly and is very sweet :)

      Thank you very much!
    11. YAY!

      Alik hosted a few splits for me and other girls for Soom dolls :) [Migma, Luxulia and Obsidius]; we also did some small orders together. I choose to do only one post because they were so many on the last months. XD

      Everything was perfect, I never had any problem! Totally positive feedback! :D
    12. Alik hosted a split with me for my SOOM Dolomi. Everything went just perfect! Very very positive feedback for her ^^
    13. Alik hosted a soom GO where I bought some clothes, makeup and modification material.

      The comunication was very good and clear, She is very helpful, kindly and caring, always informing about order status and everything else.

      I received the items quickly and in perfect conditions

      I would love to deal with Alik again, and I certainly will.

      Thank you Alik

      [FONT=arial, sans-serif]
    14. I bought some things with Alik from Soom. She is lovely and they came well packaged.

      Positive feedback
    15. Wonderful, very responsible seller!:D It was nice to talk to, very positive and friendly person! ;)
      Many thanks for the head Appini!:chocoheart
    16. I bought an Appini sleeping head from Alik, very friendly person and the package arrived very well packed! Thanks again,
      everytime again ^^
    17. I bought a Luxullia fantasy parts from Alik. She is a reliable and fast salesman. The package very well packed! Thank you! :3
    18. I buy three SOOM zipbags, a pair of yosd boots and a lati Cara head from Alik.
      She's a great seller, very responsable and send the products with much carefull and they are wonderfull :fangirl:
      Recomended for all on Marketplace :)
    19. I bought a Super Gem Male body, the shipping was very fast, very good packaging and very very good communication !

      Thanks a lot ^w^ !
    20. High quality seller! :DOnce again, i made &#8203;&#8203;a purchase from Alik, everything was fine, nice friendly companion, responsible seller!;) Many thanks for the heads Grit.:chocoheart