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Feedback for alison_sky

Apr 11, 2008

    1. If you have had a transaction with me,please leave feedback here :)

    2. I traded with Alison for an Ethan plus....wow, a LOT of clothes! She did a beautiful faceup to my specifications, and he simply takes my breath away. I cannot recommend her more, as either a trade partner or a faceup artist.
    3. I sold a head to Alison - she was very easy and pleasant to work with. I'd be very happy to deal with her again.
    4. I commissioned alison for a faceup for my lishie boy.
      She is amazing!!! Her skills as an artiste is unbelievable!
      She's also very friendly and had good communication~
      I highly recommend her! And would not hesitate to commission her again!

      太感谢亲了! =3=
    5. Alison punchased 2 Javi Heads from me. She was just wonderful and very friendly. Prompt payment and great communication. Thanks for a smooth transaction. <3 <3 <3 Please continue to paint beautiful dolls! <3
    6. Alison bought a head from me.
      Everything went great. Excellent communication.
      Thanks :D
    7. yo~yo~
      JOK SI MEI :aheartbea:love:D:fangirl::thumbup:apig:
    8. I bought a Volks F-38 head and A LOT of clothes/wigs/eyes from Alison. She was such a delight to work with and was super patient and kind person. The doll is BEAUTIFUL, and all the clothes and things were neatly and safely packed. She shipped him out very fast, and he arrived home safely. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to purchase or commission a faceup. Her work is spectacular, and she is a charm to work with. Thank you thank you thank you~~~~ ^^
    9. Alison did an absolutely beautiful faceup for me, on my MNF ShuShu. Stunning work and exactly what I wanted, I could not be happier. Alison was a dream to work with, I would definitely comission her again.
    10. Another perfect transaction w/ Alison! :thumbup
      She bought another head from me.
      Thanks so much!!!:D:D:D
    11. I commissioned alison for a faceup for two of my migidoll ryu boys
      She was very nice and friendly to deal with , and her work is simply outstanding
      I highly recommended her to anyone who would want to commission a faceup
    12. Highly recommended~!
      I commissioned alison for a faceup for my Lance boy
      She's absolutely an amazing faceup artist, her work is simply stunning!!! The beautiful faceup for my boy is more than what i wish to have^^
      Thank her very much for the lovely work, i really hope to commision another face-up with her in future! ^^
    13. Alison did a really awesome faceup for my killu_2nd. =D she is nice and friendly and keep me update all the times and ship out the head as soon as I made my payment. Will definitely recommend her to everyone!
    14. Alison bought a SD rose choker from me and it was a smooth transaction. Payment was quick and communication excellent. =) Thanks for the support!
    15. Commissioned Alison to paint my Abadon and he's gorgeous, exactly what I need him to be. Thank you so much!
    16. Alison did a wonderful face up for my wintery 08 head. He looks just like i requested him to be and she's very fast with her work too! thank you so much alison! :D
    17. I just sold my Souldoll Marvin head to Alison and she was great to deal with. :D Very communicative and payed very quickly. She was a pleasure to deal with and I'd reccomend her to anyone. ^_^
    18. I commissioned Alison to do a faceup on my minimee. She did a wonderful job and did it fairly fast!
    19. I commissioned Alison to do a faceup on my Vampire Shushu and Doc Kirill.
      They are much more beautiful in person than in photos. She has done an incredible job.

      I come back to get more orders soon :)
    20. Alison-sky helped me out so greatly! She went all the way to a dolly shop to buy eyelashes for me and send them to me. SOOOO sweet of her to do so. :aheartbea
      She sent the package immediately, so fast!
      Thank you so much Alison!