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Feedback for AlisonDanger

Jul 13, 2009

    1. AlisonDanger purchased a yoSD dress from me, and the transaction went very smoothly; her communication was great and payment was very prompt. Thanks for everything! ^^
    2. Great transaction with alisondanger who purchased a unoa headback from me. Payment was quick and communication was good. An excellent buyer.
    3. [SIZE="-10"]AlisonDanger was a participant in my seventh Leekeworld group order and our transaction was a pleasant one, leaving me with no complaints. Communication was well kept and invoices were responded to in a timely fashion. Smooth and easy sailing~

      :bcake:pcake Thankies! :pcake:bcake
    4. AlisonDanger participated in my Group Order, and was a marvelous participant! Great communication, swift payment, all in all a joy to work with!
    5. AlisonDanger is a responsible and patient buyer.
      She sent prompt payment and fast replies as well.
      She kindly let me know she got her package safely so that I can be relieved...^^
      Thank you very much for our smooth and fast transaction, AlisonDanger! :aheartbea
    6. Alisondanger bought a YoSD dress from me. She paid instantly and is very nice to deal with. Thank you so much for smooth transaction.
    7. Alisondanger bought a DollHeart Wendy Darling outfit set from me. She communicated swiftly as well as paid instantly. Super nice to deal with and kept me updated on the package and let me know when it arrived. Thank you so much for the smooth transaction.
    8. I sold a Littlefee Luna FP to alisondanger and it was a great and easy transaction! She sent the payment very fast and was very nice!! ^_^
    9. alisondanger bought the Little Lorina outfit from me. Great communication and smooth transaction. Thank you very much! :)
    10. AlisonDanger purchased a pair of Soom Afi horns from me and was a pleasure to deal with! Communication was excellent and friendly, she paid promptly and let me know when the package arrived. Overall a perfect transaction and I would love to deal with her again in the future!
      Thanks so much! c:
    11. AlisonDanger bought a pair of Gumdrop eyes from me. She paid promptly and kept great communication. Great buyer!
    12. I had an excellent experience purchasing a LittleFee Luna faceplate from alisondanger. I recommend her to all and would buy from her again!
    13. I had a pleasant transaction with alisondanger^^ She bought a pair of eyes from me and everything went smoothly. She paid fast and let me know as soon as she received the eyes. Thank you so much for a wonderful transaction!
    14. I sold a Soom Sueve to AlisonDanger ~ that was the perfect transaction! The perfect buyer. She was very friendly and very understanding. She as also kind enough to let me know when Sueve had arrived to her! I would definitely do business with her again~ <3
      Thanks so much my dear! enjoy your beautiful Sueve <3<3<3
    15. AlisonDanger bought a dress and shoes from me, and the transaction went very smoothly. Thanks. ^^
    16. alisondanger participated in my most recent Leekeworld GO and was an absolute delight to deal with. she paid promptly when invoiced and had friendly communications :) i would deffo deal with her and would recommend her! :D
    17. Julianne joined my Soom split for a Teenie Gem Ai body, which we purchased on layaway. She was incredibly sweet, polite and quick, sent all payments on time and was generally one of the nicest people I've ever dealt with. Cannot thank her enough for this wonderful experience, as well as giving me the chance to own my grail doll! We'll be definitely keeping in touch.

      A+ :aheartbea Thank you so much!
    18. Alisondanger bought a Latidoll Gray Lea from me & it was a pleasure selling to her! Thank you so very much, I highly recommend you to everyone!
    19. I purchased a iMda 3.0 body from Alisondanger and it was a perfect transaction. The body was packaged well and posted swiftly and communication was excellent. I'm very happy with the overall transaction. Thanks so much.