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Feedback for Alix

Jun 8, 2009

    1. Hi All! This is feedback thread for Alix. :)
      If you've had a transaction with me, please leave a feedback.
      and I'll do the same for you! :-))

      Thanks everyone!XD
    2. i've bought a sweet angel from Alix and it was the most sweet cutie i've ever seen!!ALix was so kind and fast in shipping and packed my lovely doll so well with her wings and wigs!!thank you so much!!!
    3. Alix bought a set of suit from me. The transaction went perfectly with her fast payment and friendly PMs.
      She's so lovely and sweet to deal with. I highly recommend her as a MP member. Thank you so much Alix!^^
    4. I bought a YoSD Set from Alix. Communication was superb. Very fast shipping and all went wonerful! Thanky you very much!
    5. I bought a nice long SD13 peacoat and gloves from Alix, and I couldn't have asked for a better dealer! Shipping was VERY fast, it was shipped Tuesday and arrived to me on Saturday..I was amazed! Such fast PMs too, I will definitely not hesitate to buy from Alix again! :)
    6. I bought a SD head from Alix. She is super friendly, very quick in shipping as well!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful transaction Alix~!! :D Will definitely deal with Alix again :D
    7. I bought 2 Volks heads from Alix.Shipping is super fast!
    8. I bought a SD17 Narcissus coat from Alix and it was a perfect transaction. Communication was great, shipping was quick and the coat arrived in perfect condition.
      I would definitely do business with Alix again! :D
    9. Glad we manage to sort out the addy etc ! Thanks for a good transaction ^^
    10. Bought two wigs from Alix! Everything came perfectly and had excellent communication throughout~
      Thank you!
    11. I bought a wig from Alix and could not be happier! Communication was friendly and timely, and shipping was fast! Alix reported a mixup of tracking numbers for shipping, but this did not affect the transaction in any way. I highly recommend Alix and would not hesitate to do business with him again in the future! It was a pleasure doing business! Thank you so much for the great wig, Alix!
    12. I bought a Volks wig from Alix and I'm very pleased with it . Great communication and quick shipping .Thankyou !
    13. I just bought a wig from Alix and everything was fast and smooth!!
      Thank you so much :D
    14. I had a great transaction with Alix. I bought a Yukinojo wig and everything went very smoothly - communication was excellent and the package arrived in very good time. I would love to do business again in the future. It was a pleasure!
    15. Alix bought an outfit set from me, she was very patient with me and the transaction went smooth.
      Thank you very much.
    16. I bought an Hijikata Toshizo head from Alix.

      The transaction was perfect! the shipment was quick and meticulous, plus I got small gifts!
      the exchanges of messages were very friendly and Alix responds quickly.

      Thank you again and see you soon on DOA!
    17. I bought a wig from Alix. The transaction was so sweet. Communication was friendly. She packed it so well and posted it quickly.
      Thank you so much Alix!
    18. Alix bought a pair of eyes from me and the transaction was great! Fast payment and good communication. Would be happy to deal with again, thanks!