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Feedback for AlluringMermaid

Mar 11, 2010

    1. Guess I'll be needing a feedback thread as I become active in the Marketplace!
      If I've purchased from you, traded or sold to you, you can leave feedback here!

    2. Great transaction with AlluringMermaid who purchased an outfit from me. Payment was fast and communication was good. An excellent buyer. Thanks!
    3. Another perfect transaction with AlluringMermaid who purchased some shoes from me. An excellent buyer! Thank you :aheartbea
    4. AlluringMermaid commissioned a custom wig from me! He was patient, friendly, and very quick to respond to emails! Thanks so much for a great transaction! Enjoy your new wig! :)
    5. AlluringMermaid bought a DD head from me! Communication was pleasant, timely and the item was paid quickly! Great transaction overall! Thanks a bunch!
    6. I had a great transaction with AlluringMermaid. :)
    7. I purchased an DD outfit from AlluringMermaid, great communication fast shipping. Great transaction
      highly recommend!!
    8. I purchased a wig and two pairs of shoes from AlluringMermaid.

      Great communication and the products are exactly as described. Highly recommended!
    9. I purchased a Volks Doll from AlluringMermaid. I have to give a neutral feedback. Although I received the doll I had communication issues with the seller. After I paid and was told I'd get a tracking number the seller never responded again. I asked repeatedly through PM for a tracking number and I could see that the seller had been on the Den via his profile page but he ignored my messages. I posted a Paging thread that he never went to or responded to. Finally I began a paypal dispute but it wasn't until I escalated it that the seller sent me a PM saying "Oh I just got back on the Den." "The box was sent back to me due to damage in transit and I am sending it again and will make sure you get a tracking number. Although I asked him twice to not send me the doll and just issue a refund, he sent it anyway. I was left with sour feelings towards the doll due to the transaction. He still didn't respond to me. I received the doll today. She arrived in a small box in a fetal position, all twisted around from transit and was not wrapped in bubble wrap but had it laying on top of her. In addition she was a bit dirty and her outfit was extremely dirty. The doll is beautiful and I just wish the seller had kept in better contact and had packaged her more securely.
    10. Sorry Just noticed I also did not receive the Black High Heel shoes as stated in the sale.