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Feedback for Almatari

Feb 16, 2010

    1. Hi everyone!
      I figured I should start my feedback thread now that I've started actively participating in the marketplace! If you've had a transaction with me, please leave me some feedback so I can improve to the best of my ability!
      Thank you!
    2. She bought my Luts If head and was just great to deal with. Prompt ommunication, fast payment, altogether an easy and pleasant transaction. I'd recommend her to anyone:fangirl:
    3. Almatari bought a Duffle coat for SD from me. Pay fast, nice communication, everything was perfect. Thanks again!
    4. Very lovely person to deal with. Very good buyer, paid right away, was understanding about life and when there was a small problem, let me know about it so that I could do something. Thanks very much for a lovely transaction.
    5. Almatari participated in my LUTS GO in this April. She replied to invoices quickly and paid promtly. Everything went perfectly well ^^ She is a great person to work with in a group order. Thanks you for joining my GO:chocoberry
    6. Almatari bought some eyes from me. Was a very smooth transaction, and she's a great person to deal with!
    7. Almatari bought a DH Fer to me, it was a wonderful transaction, she paid quickly and the communication was always perfect.
      I really recommand her and will be pleased to deal with again
    8. Almatari joined one of my LUTS GOs. An awesome member - she paid promptly, and was understanding about the wait times due to my job.
      Thanks for joining, Almatari! ^_^
    9. I bought a MNF breakaway scar head and arm set from her on layaway and she was amazing and patient throughout the whole thing!! I would love to do business with her again!
    10. I bought a SD top from almatari, and everything went perfectly! Great seller...would definitely do business with her again!!!
    11. I bought a SD school uniform from altamari. She was very kind and transation went smooth. I really recommend her !!!!!!
      Thank you so much ^_____^
    12. Almatari participated in my LUTS GO again, and she is very sweet to work with as always. Great communication and prompt payments. She is a wonderful member that you'd love to work with again and again^^
    13. almatari participated in my Fairyland split. Her communication with me was always quick and super friendly. It was a delight having her participate in my split. I would recommend her in any transaction. Thanks sweetie! :)
    14. almatari participated in my most recent Dollmore GO. Communication was great and payments were speedy. Thanks so much!
    15. I recently completed a commission for Almatari and it couldn't have gone more smoothly. Payment came very quickly and communications were prompt and friendly. Almatari was a pleasure to deal with throughout. Highest recommendation!
    16. almatari participated in the Luts group order that I ran.
      I am very pleased to have had them in my GO.
      almatari was very patient with the whole situation.

      Thank you very much.
    17. almatari participated in my Masterpiece Eyes GO. She was beyond patient and understanding even though Masterpiece made several mistakes in the order and took quite some time to complete the eyes she ordered. Communication was always pleasant and friendly. She is total Aces! Thanks so much, hun! :aheartbea
    18. Almatari participated in my recent LUTS GO. I was very glad to have her in my GO three times. She paid promptly as always and was a joy to work with! This group order took a little longer than usual to be prepared and shipped out by LUTS, but she was very patient. Thank you very much for all ^^
    19. I sold a Soom Pel outfit to almatari and she was great to deal with! Payment was quick, she was always very courteous and is lovely to talk to. I would not hesitate to do business with her again. :)
    20. Almatari bought a Dollheart dress from me. She kept up great communication, paid lightning-fast, and let me know when the dress arrived. I would definitely recommend her! :)