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Feedback for almaxaquotal

Jan 29, 2010

    1. Welcome to my feedback thread!

    2. I bought 2 handmade outfits from almaxaquotal and the whole transaction was great. Friendly pm's and fast shipping - I am very happy to do business with her again. RECOMMENDED! :)
    3. I bought a luts winter event head from almaxaquotal. Excellent communication and very fast shipping, it arrived the next day. I highly recommend her as a trader.
    4. almaxaquotal bought a KDelf Mill head from me. She paid promptly and was polite through the entire transaction. Definitely recommended :)
    5. I bought a Leeke-D Tory boy from almaxquotal C: It was a wonderful transaction, the doll arrived quickly and safely~ Very recommended! ^w^
    6. almaxaquotal commissioned me to do a manicure on three sets of hands.
      Lovely person to deal with, quick to PM and great communication.
      Also had patience when i got sick and had to delay the work slightly.
      wouldnt hesitate to work with again.

      thanks for commissioning me :3
    7. almaxaquotal purchased a pair of eyes from me. The transaction was very smooth - excellent communication, prompt payment, etc. I would definitely recommend her as a buyer. Thanks again!
    8. almaxaquotal bought a wig for her bunko from me (SHE SENT ME A PICTURE!!!!!) YAY that was the best, she was great! and she made it a lot of fun, COOL
    9. I traded with almaxaquotal. I sent her a pair of glass eyes, and she sent me a shirt for my LJ. Everything went super-duper smoothly!
      ^_^ Thanks almaxaquotal!
    10. Bought three of almaxaquotal's Tea Time outfits, BEAUTIFUL work, good communications, I would never hesitate to purchase goods from her again. <3
    11. I bought one of almaxaquotal's Tea Time outfits, and it's absolutely adorable. My DT Ganga loves it. Alamaxa is lovely to do business with, I highly recommend her! Thanks! :)
    12. almaxaquotal bought a RealPuki faceplate from me. My best recommends for a nice buyer - everything went smoothly and I´m very happy and would for sure deal with her again! :)
    13. Now that I actually have time to sit down and post feedback xD.

      I bought a Lemon Paisley Tea Time outfit for my incoming KDF from Almaxaquotal. Not only was she supremely understanding when Paypal screwed up my money transfer, she waited with patience for me to re-transfer the funds. She shipped almost immediately and I received the package within about three or four days. (I wasn't home to receive the mail however, hence the wait between posting feedback and getting the package). As to the craftsmanship if the actual piece, it's exquisite. With hand-made pieces you have to allow for some room for error; I can hardly find any. The stitching is very neatly done, the pleats in the apron overskirt are almost perfect; in short, Alma is a topnotch seamstress. The only (very) small problem I have with the outfit is the fact that the ribbons that tie the apron onto the doll literally started to fray the moment I took it out of it's (very well done btw) packaging. (The thank you note inside was a pleasant and sweet surprise too =) ). It's not a deal breaker however, I'll probably just end up having to either hem or baste stitch the ribbons so they don't fray anymore. Overall I would definitely recommend Alma to anyone I know, as a seller and as a seamstress. Lots of positive feedback heaped upon her talented head. I will be stalking her sales thread for new items =).

      Now to only get the doll that the outfit is intended for home xD.
    14. Lucy bought my Dollstown Hannah on elf body, and was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Communication was excellent, with all PMs answered promptly and comprehensively. All payments were on time, and whenever she thought there might be an issue contact was kept up and I never had any cause to worry. She has also let me know that Hannah arrived safely and sent me some pictures!
      I would happily recommend to others, and would love to do business with again. Thanks :)
    15. I bought a Dollmore/Customhouse hybrid girl from almaxaquotal, and the transaction was perfect! She was nice enough to put the doll on hold for me, and once I paid, she sent the doll out at once. It arrived safely packaged and in perfect condition, and she even included all the little goodies that Dollmore had originally sent her, like the rose soaps! I would do business with her again anytime!
    16. I traded with almaxaquotal for her Iplehouse Benny and it was a great transaction. She was very good to communicate with, kept me up to date and posted Benny really quickly. Benny herself arrived in great condition, beautifully packed, and with many extras, including a mohair wiggie, some clothes, and Benny's ED eyes. It was a really nice transaction, many thanks! :)
    17. [FONT=&#23435;&#20307;]she purchased doll glass eyes from me and it was a pleasure to do business with her! she is very kind and friendly ,There were no problems with the transactions, and communication was great. Thank you very much! and i sincerely recommend you to all people[/FONT][FONT=&#23435;&#20307;]2010 Christmas Action[/FONT][FONT=&#23435;&#20307;]One pair eyes(normal dome)+One set eyelashes=9.89$[/FONT][FONT=&#23435;&#20307;]from 22th Nov. until 22th Dec.[/FONT][FONT=&#23435;&#20307;]it is high appreciated to bring this information to your friends[/FONT]
    18. Took part in a GO arranged by almaxaquotal, everything went smoothly and I would gladly do business with her again.
    19. I took part in a group order organised by almaxaquotal. No problems at all, and excellent communication; kept us all well up to date. Would do business with her again :)
    20. I took part in the recent GO as well. We were all kept updated with any news, and it was a very smooth and easy experience. I would like to take part again at some point. Thank you so much again.