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Feedback for Alois Trancy

Jan 13, 2011

    1. Here's the place for you to tell me all your good and bad opinions on me concerning my sales or purchases! ^^ Please let me know!
    2. Alois Tracy buy a AOD doll from me, she is such a wonderful girl to deal with! both thumb up for her, I wont hesitate to sell her anything in the future!
    3. Sold 3 customized handmade furwigs to Alois Trancy. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    4. Wonderful buyer :) I sold her an Anos head on a short layaway, she made her deposite quickly and paid off in the time specified. A+ buyer :daisy
    5. Alois Trancy bought a Luwen to me. All was perfect with a really nice communication and very fast payment ! I thank you a lot and recommend this buyer !!! 200% recommended :-)
    6. Alois Trancy bought a Little Monica Enrill Vampire from me. Payment for the layaway was fast and let me know details quickly thru pm. Overall great buyer and very friendly!

      Thanks again !!
    7. I had a great transaction with Alois Trancy
      she was a fantastic buyer!
      paid exactly and always replied me kindly
      she was kind enough to let me know when she got the doll
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    8. Alois Trancy bought A K-doll KillU1sr head form me,
      Fast payment and nice communication
      I won't hesitate to buy/sell things with Alois Trancy again^^
    9. Positive feedback!

      I bought a DollFamily doll from her. She was very kind and helpful during the entire time. The answers were prompt and enlightening.

      Really recomend her as seller.
    10. Alois Trancy contacted me about wanting to purchase my BW 2005 Breakaway on layaway. After some back and forth PMs (all very quick and thorough) we started the process.

      The entire experience has been very positive. She was quick to answer questions I had and fairly consistent with the time and frequency of payments. It was a pleasure to work with her.
    11. Alois Trancy bought a Supia Rosy head from me, the payment was prompt, easy and the communication was great. Thank you! Pleasure to deal with you.
    12. Buy Lu-Wen From Alois Trancy.
      Great seller, highly recommended.
    13. Alois Trancy traded me her AOD Ruo-Feng for my SOOM Trond.
      The transaction was prompt, she answered all my questions within' a day and even haggled with me to come to an agreement! She is a great seller and I would gladly buy from her again.
      Highly Recommended!

      I am very happy with this trade and give her EXTRA PROSITIVE FEEDBACK FOR TRADE!

    14. I traded a Limhwa Half-Elf with Alois Tracy for a Leeke Mihael head, Vampire Enril head, and payment. Many pm's were exchanged, many questions asked and answered with friendliness, a lot of patience on her part with my ignorance on international shipping, and a lot of communication that resulted in a great experience. Fast replies, fast shipping, honest communication....highly recommended. Thank you so much, hope you love your new girl!

    15. Alois Trancy bought some clothes from me. She's a great buyer, very recommended! :)
    16. I bought a Doll Family H Kelasi from Alois Trancy. He arrived today and was packed well. She included the most awesome eyes and a cute little wig for one of my MSD girls. I'm so happy, and her communication was always prompt. She shipped when she said she would, and it was an overall enjoyable transaction. I would gladly do business with again!
    17. She bought an AOD Ruo Feng and a wig from me! She is a great buyer and I would totally do businesss with her again!

      Super Positive feedback!
    18. I sold a Volks fullest to Alois on layaway and she was great with letting me know when she was going to pay and always paid on time or would let me know when she was going to be late. Excellent communication, always reachable by PM. Great buyer!!! Highly recommended!
    19. I bought a SDelf body from Alois Trancy on layaway. She was very kind and easy to deal with, excellent seller! I'd do business with her again any time!
    20. Alois Trancy bought Epidos head and some clothes from me. She was prompt with pms, and she paid each installment on time. Overall she was nice to talk to and very understanding and patient. Highly recommended as a buyer!