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Feedback for amaeta

Dec 16, 2006

    1. I am starting this thread because I just had a very positive experience with amaeta (Michele) in France. I very rarely will sell overseas. but I decided to for her, and I don't regret it! She was good about corresponding every step of the way. She let me know when the item arrived. She just was really nice to deal with.

      Just wanted to put in a good post for her.

    2. Amaeta is a first class seemstress.She made me a beautiful pair of jeans very well made.Would highly recommend.
    3. I bought a beautiful medieval cream gown from amaeta as my first BJD-related item ever. It is simply gorgeous, and she is an absolutely stupendous seamstress! I would highly recommend buying from her. :)
    4. I sold to amaeta and she was a fantastic buyer! Very prompt payments and fast communcation! Thank you :daisy
    5. I have just closed a perfect transaction with Amaeta.
      She sold me one of my dream dolls and the doll is perfect, as new!
      Thank you very very much!
    6. She has bought a body DD from me! ^_^ She's much kind, friendly and fast payment! ;) Very positive transaction! It's a pleasure! Thanks! ^_^
    7. Perfect transaction with Amaeta. She buy my School head. Nice and friendly person, fast payment. Whish you enjoy your new boy!
    8. i bought a beautiful pair of eyes from amaeta. she is wonderful to deal with and the eyes are amazing!

    9. Amaeta never fails to amaze me! Her work is beautiful and she's SO fast at getting a commission done. I'm extremely happy with the outfit she made for me. I look forward to working with her again!

      Thank you so much!
    10. Amaeta is the perfect buyer, fast payment and good correspondence. And she let me know when the outfit arrived, even though my email didn't work properly. ^^;
      Highly recommended!
    11. I had a great transaction with Amaeta
      prompt payment & great communication
      she was kind enough to let me know when she got a item.
      wonderful buyer!
      highly recommend to everyone !!
      thanks, Amaeta !!!!!!!!!!!
    12. I sold Amaeta my DIM sephiroth head! She paid really fast and had good communication! Thanks alot~~
    13. amaeta bought a doll body from me. actually, we did a partial trade. the outfit that she sent me is lovely<3 and she made it super fast too:o
      thanks so much for an excellent transaction^___^
    14. amaeta bought doll outfits from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    15. Amaeta participated in a split with me, to purchased a doll from Ainai's webshop.
      She was extremely kind and warmhearted in her communications, paid the amount I asked swiftly, and was very patient waiting for Ainai to prepare the order.
      Smooth and a pleasant transaction, absolutely recommended.
      Many thanks again~! <3 <3 <3
    16. I bought a SD13 body girl from Amaeta.
      It was a great transaction.
      She sent the body to me really quickly after payment.
      The body is just Great!!
      She is a very nice seller.:aheartbea
      Highly recommended!!!
    17. Highly recommended!!! great seller.
      I bought a SD10 boy body from Amaeta.
      It was a prefect transaction.
      She sent the body out quickly after payment.
      The body is just wonderful!!
      Thank you ~~
    18. Great transaction with Michele (amaeta)! ^_^ She bought a body from me, with prompt payment, fast reply and told me when it arrived there \o/

      Hightly recommended!! <3
      Thank you so much! ^_^
    19. amaeta bought an dd II body from me.
      she was very friendly to work with, had excellent comminication,
      and when there were problems with the package she was very patient and she helped me fix it!!
      thank you for an very good and pleasant transaction!!

    20. I just completed my first DOA transaction and it could not have been better. Amaeta (Michele in France) was so kind to allow me to purchase the LE Akando Outfit from her even though I am new at DOA and had no feedback. Her willingness to conduct this transaction (an international one at that) is so very much appreciated. The outfit was perfectly packed and quickly shipped. Many thanks Michele. I hope to have many more transactions with you!