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Feedback for AmberLeigh

Jun 7, 2011

    1. I will be buying, and possibly selling things soon so I decided to start a thread :)

      Feedback would be greatly appreciated if I've made a transaction with you! Thanks!
    2. I sold a Soom MD Amber Pure Spirit almost full set to AmberLeigh and it was an excellent experience. Communication was swift, payment was incredibly rapid, and AmberLeigh let me know as soon as Amber arrived. I highly recommend this user as a buyer and I would definitely do business with AmberLeigh again!!
    3. I sold a Soom Heliot head to Amberleigh, and it was a perfect transaction in every way!
    4. I just sold a Soom Chrom head to AmberLeigh. She was quick to pay and pleasant to communicate with. A perfect transaction. :) I hope you enjoy him!
    5. AmberLeigh purchased a wig from me. Communication was great and she even let me know when the wig arrived, which is always awesome! Overall great transaction!
    6. AmberLeigh had participated in my Soom Obsidius Split. Very friendly & comfortable communication, prompt pms and fast payment~! The whole transaction went smoothly and everything was simply great~! Very nice and kind person, I would love to do business again with AmberLeigh~! :)
      Thank you very much~! ^^
    7. AmberLeigh participated in my SOOM Obsidius split and the entire transaction, from initiation to completion, was smooth, easy and pleasant. Communication from their end was kept up well and invoices were responded to in a timely fashion. I have no complaints and would happily open myself up to doing business with them again in the future.

      ♥ T h a n k i e s ! ! ♥
    8. AmberLeigh bought my MD Miho head from me. She was excellent to work with. Tranasction went smoothly. I would not hesitate to deal with her again in the future.
      Thanks so much! <3
    9. Bought a Pipos Cheshire from Amberleigh!

      she was very fast and efficient seller and when i had problems with my cheshire reaching me, she offered to help. she was very kind andn friendly! would love to do business with her again!
    10. I bought a Soom Obsidius human head from AmberLeigh and I couldn't be happier. He came in in perfect condition, and she shipped him very quickly. Thanks so much, I hope to work with you again!
    11. AmberLeigh ordered two fur wigs from me and was a delight to work with. Quick and friendly communication, quick payment, and lovely all around. Definitely a great transaction, thank you!
    12. AmberLeigh purchased a Migidoll Vampire Miho head from me. She paid promptly and was very friendly! She let me know as soon as Miho arrived. ;v; Thank you so much!
    13. AmberLeigh purchased a Cynical Migidoll Ryu from me. Very sweet, prompt payment and lovely to do business with. :)
    14. AmberLeigh commissioned me to do a faceup for her Dollshe Saint
      she described the type of faceup she wanted clearly and let me know when her doll was shipped and when he was home :D
      it's a pleasure to deal with her, i cannot expect anything better than this :)
    15. AmberLeight purchased from me the soom Amber's default necklace. prompt payment and wonderfully nice communication, I couldn't have asked for a better transaction!
      I highly recommend her as a buyer, thank you so much!
    16. AmberLeigh ordered another two fur wigs from me and once again it was a pleasure doing business with her. ^_^ Our communication was smooth and payment was prompt--just lovely overall! I'd love to work with her again, anytime!
    17. Sold some Heliot hooves to AmberLeigh. Prompt payment and great communication! Would gladly do business with again.
    18. AmberLeigh bought a pair of Dollshe eyes from me. She was very friendly and sent payment quickly. Great buyer, thank you!
    19. AmberLeigh has commissioned me twice... at least! I've been slack with my feedback. ^^;;; She is always a pleasure to deal with and transactions are super smooth. I would be happy to work with her again anytime. :)
    20. I bought a Soom Chrom from AmberLeigh and the transaction and communication was perfect. He arrived quickly and in optimal condition! Great person to deal with! She is extreamly nice and attentive :) !