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feedback for Ambre

Mar 7, 2007

    1. Since I didn't have any, here's my feedback thread^^
    2. I sold a pair of white Luts shoes to Ambre and the payment arrived quickly. Package also arrived timely. I would reccommend doing business with her. :)
    3. Very good buyer!
      Will to trade with her again~
    4. I bought some Volks Mika eyes from Ambre. They arrived safely from overseas. It was a very pleasant transaction.
    5. I bought a pair of dollshoes, shipping was fast and they arrived in perfect condition ^^ Thank you!
    6. i have bought a pair of eyes off Ambre and they arrived very fast! thanks so much! :daisy
    7. I bought a Leeke wig from Ambre. It was shipped very fast, and packaged very well. I would definetly buy from her again!

      Thanks again, sooo much! :D
    8. Ambre bought a Yo-SD dress from me. She paid quickly and her PMs were always very fast and friendly, and she let me know as soon as the parcel arrived. It was a pleasure doing business with you -- thank you! :)
    9. Ambre bought MSD clothes from me. She was fast with replying, paid promptly, and the communication went really well. Highly recommend! :D