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Feedback for Ambrosia Love

Oct 20, 2009

    1. Feedback please. :] :pcupcake
    2. Ambrosia Love bought a Juri 05 mod. from me and the whole transaction was extremely pleasant. She's super sweet and maintained great communication with me throughout the transaction. I would highly recommend!! :thumbup

      Thanks again~!
      ~ Umi
    3. ambrosia love sold me a lovely luts wig for my first doll. she was very sweet and understanding! definitely a pleasure to do business with.
    4. I did a faceup for Ambrosia Love, she is very nice to talk to, pay very fast and let me know when the head arrives. great customer :)
    5. Ambrosia Love was a complete pleasure to deal with. She bought a necklace from me, paid quickly and was really nice to talk to! Thanks so much <3
    6. Such a sweetiepie!

      She was in my Luts GO. Very helpful despite some problem on Luts' behalf. SUPER quick payment. I'd love to work with her anyday!
    7. Ambrosia Love commisoned some SD clothing from me and working with her was a pleasure. She was very patient an had great communication, paid promptly and was just a sweetheart through the whole process. I hope I can make more things for her girls soon :fangirl:
    8. I bought an awesome wig form her. I would love to work with again. ^^ A+++++ Rating!~
    9. Ambrosia Love commissioned a few clothing items from us in a wonderful transaction :) She was friendly, accommodating, quick to respond and to send payment, and all around great to work with. Hope to work with you again soon!
      Ah, and sorry about the full PM box thing :) I try to keep a message free but sometimes I fall behind - If you need to reach me I've always got email space (valraven at hotmail)!
    10. Ambrosia Love bought some doll clothes from me! She's a total sweetie! Excellent communication and quick payment! Thanks!!
    11. Ambrosia Love commissioned me for a faceup and body blushing on her Juri05, Fable, and I could not be happier with the transaction. She was great to deal with, always friendly and patient, and let me know when Fable was shipped and when she arrived back home. I'd gladly work with her again anytime! :)
    12. Ambrosia Love bought some Delf girl hands from me and was a pleasure to deal with. She paid promptly and kept great communication -- even let me know when the hands arrived. An excellent buyer that has my recommendation to anyone else out there.
    13. I sold a Chocolate Fer to Ambrosia Love. She paid promptly and had great communication. ^__^ A great buyer and highly recommended by me!
    14. Did a trade with Ambrosia Love for a custom clothing item, and it went off great! She's a big sweetie during correspondence, but also sent her part of the trade immediately when things were settled, and let me know promptly when my part arrived with her. Couldn't ask for more! Thanks and say hi to Fable for me! ^^
    15. Ambrosia Love took part in my LUTS go and was a total pleasure to work with! she paid on time and anwsered qutions and understood when i was away more then normal due to my medicail issues. I would do busness with her again in a heartbeat :)
    16. Completed another transaction with Ambrosia Love, this time for a complicated custom gown for her girl, and it couldn't have gone better! She's so great to talk to, and listened to me carefully about issues with fabric and such, paid promptly and just really made me happy to work with her ^^ I'm so glad I could do something nice for Fable! I definitely hope to do so again :D
    17. Ambrosia Love bought butterfly ring from me~
      everything went smooth and perfect!
      great buyer and highly recommended!
    18. AmbrosiaLove commissioned me to fix her Fable after a tumble, and to give her a new faceup and some sueding. Everything went perfectly as before, she is a pleasure to work with and very sweet. :)
    19. AmbrosiaLove joined my LUTS GO and was wonderful! She paid quickly and kept in touch! I would definitely do business with her again. Thanks for helping to make my first GO a success! ;)
    20. Ambrosia Love joined my first GO (LUTS) and she was a dear to work with! She maintained excellent communication throughout and paid her portion quickly! I highly recommend her! :) Thanks again!