Feedback for Amel

Jul 22, 2020

    1. Hello.
      Please do leave a feedback if we have any sort of transactions.
      And I will gladly do the same for you. :)
    2. I sold Amel a doll and they were wonderful to work with. They paid quickly and were very communicative. Thanks again!
    3. I sold a Gangsterdoll Yeger head to @Amel a little over a month ago and had an incredible experience with them :)

      Amel is a stellar buyer and communicator, who paid and responded to messages very promptly and kindly. It's never difficult to reach them, and they were extremely proactive when troubles arose and helped me, the seller, along the way.

      These are qualities I must highlight, because the transaction itself was challenging, to say the least! To save on shipping and postal transit time, I used a local courier express service for the first time that turned out to have sporadic communication, and they neglected to inform me of Russia's extremely strict customs when it comes to express shipment. This led to Yeger being rejected during transit and bouncing back to me the first time I sent him out.

      Amel was beyond understanding, patient, and kind when this happened, and worked with me actively to figure out a way to navigate Russian customs and bring Yeger home safely.

      Literally the only reason why it took 1 whole month for me to be able to re-ship Yeger was the slowness in communication with the courier - they would answer my questions or request information from me only once or twice a day. We didn't want to resort to EMS because Amel had been experiencing abnormally long EMS delays from Asia to Russia, so we soldiered on with this courier.

      Fortunately, when we eventually finalized the details required to ship, the 2nd delivery went without a hitch and reached Amel in 5 calendar days!

      I wish everyone had the opportunity to work with Amel, it was a pleasure! Though the challenges with the post were undoubtedly stressful, I wouldn't hesitate to work with Amel anytime :) Thank you so much :aheartbea