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Feedback for amelonbread ^^

Aug 14, 2008

    1. If you've had any transactions with me please leave feedback here :3

      Much appreciated!

    2. Oh, I'm the first one! amelonbread bought a wig from me. Pay fast, perfect communication. Thanks you!!!
    3. Sorry this is sooo late! Amelonbread participated and helped coordinate the very tricky art aspect of the Minimee Zero Order. Without her help our Zeros wouldn't have ended up so rockin. I vouch for her goodness. She ALSO jumped in and bought an ADDITIONAL head when a participant flaked out and bailed. so EXTRA kudos for her.


    4. I sold a pair of eyes to a melonbread-quick payment and a lovely transaction all around :)
    5. Sold a head to melonbread. The transaction went very smoothly. Overall good experience. ^___^ Thank you.
    6. I bought a pair of doll hands from amelonbread.
      Package was packed upper save and was send fast.
      The hands are in 100% perfect condition.

      I recommend amelonbread as seller :)
    7. amelonbread purchased a pair of SDF hand from me. :3
      The transaction went wonderfully!
      Communication was great and she paid promptly. Thank you!
    8. amelonbread purchased a pair of wigs and with prompt payment and excellent communication the transaction couldn't have been better. Thanks again~
    9. amenlonbread purchased a heart boxer from me. She was friendly and she quick with responses and payment. The transaction turned out really smooth~! Great buyer~

      Thank you ^^
    10. I bought a SDF body from amelonbread, and she was a great seller! He was shipped and arrived very quickly, and was packaged with a lot of care! He poses wonderfully and stands like a rock, and is just altogether beautiful! I highly recommend amelonbread, she was a joy to deal with and was patient when it took me such a long time to make the payment. ^^

      Thanks again, Robbie! :aheartbea
    11. amelonbread bought a jacket from me, and I was very pleased with the entire transaction. Quick, friendly communication and payment. Will happily deal with again!
    12. Amelonbread joined my CHROM split group order. An absolute great time doing a GO with! Kept constant communication, entertaining and sweet, and paid on time. I would also do business with Amelonbread again! Thank you so much for joining in the fun!
    13. sold a wig to amelonbread, really pleasant to sell to :)
    14. Amelonbread participated in my ninth Luts group order for small items and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Payments were sent in swiftly and communication left nothing to be desired. A smooth transaction from beginning to end.

      :bcake Thank you for joining one of my group orders! I hope that your experience was a pleasant one! :bcake
    15. Amelonbread sold a darling coat, to me. Communication was super, and she shipped immediately. Highly recommend! Thanks!
    16. Amelonbread commissioned me to make two sweaters and was a great customer:) She paid quickly and was very patient, it was a real pleasure to deal with her:aheartbea
    17. Great feedback to Amelonbread! :D She bought a modded SDF howl head from me. Communication was excellent, and payment was prompt. Perfect! Would definitely trade with her again. :D <3
    18. Bought a NS SOOM Super Gem body from amelonbread. Communication was better than excellent, shipping was prompt (as well as giving me the tracking and insurance information), incredibly friendly, and made sure to check up to see if the body had arrived yet (which ended up arriving the day that she asked! :D).

      Am SUPER pleased with this transaction and would definitely be happy to do business with amelonbread again in the future. :)
    19. A sold a Dollstown boy body to amelonbread, and I couldn't recommend anyone more highly. She was wonderful while we were all dealing with DoA crashes, paid promptly, and she let me know the moment he arrived safely at her door. She's a wonderful communicator, too!
    20. amelonbread purchased a set of Soom hands from me and I highly recommend her. She's very nice in communication and very easy to work with. She paid promptly and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. Thank you!