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feedback for Amen

Apr 20, 2012

    1. For all whom has transactions with me,it would be greatly appreciated if you can leave a feedback here.
    2. [FONT=&quot][/FONT] Positive feed! Fast and nice!
      Communication was prompt, clear, and polite.:aheartbea

      Thank you very much!
    3. I bought Heliot head on Amber body from Amen.
      Communication was great and shipping fast!
      Highly reccomended!
      Thank you!
    4. Leaving positive feedback. Amen purchased two pairs of my Heliot Human legs. The transaction went really well and I would very happily do business with again. I definitely highly recommend.

      Thank you again :)
    5. I sold a soom heliot md human body, fantasy parts, fullset outfit and bow and arrow to Amen and it was a perfect transaction. Amen was very friendly with communication and payment. I definitely recommend and would be glad to do business again. thanks again Amen. Enjoy!
    6. I'd like to thank you for Heliot. He is just stunning but I am really sorry that EMS spoiled our change. I am really sorry that Euclase came in such condition and I am also sorry that your well-packed Heliot came without horn and hand. It is not your fault - I say it again. Just New Year customs chaos and EMS.
      I am very positive about our transaction though. I'll be glad to cooperate with you again. Thank you!
    7. Amen purchased from me some soom fmale body spare parts.
      flawless transaction and communication, she waited patiently for me to take pics, fast payment and promptly sent me a message when she received everything.
      I highly recommend her as a buyer, and I would be happy to deal with her again anytime!
      thank you for this smooth transaction