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Feedback for americanimengel / KURISTIAN

Jan 24, 2009

    1. This is the feedback thread for KURISTIANS selling thread. I would LOVE it, and really encourage you to upload a picture of your doll with one of the items you bought! If you have good feedback to leave that is, lol, if you have bad feedback i dont think you will spend the time. But yeah, I would LOVE to see your doll using one of the things you bought! It would totally make my day everytime somebody did that!

      Personally I tried to be very neutral about my feedback for things. I say something good and I find something bad, if there was nothing bad then I look for something that could be made better. But I generally keep it un-personal. So please feel free to give good, neautral or bad feedback. Just as long as it is honest feedback. Thank you! :)
    2. I bought a mini DS Lite, 5 DS 'games', and 8 adorable mini books. Everything went wonderfully. He was really nice and answered all my questions (and dealt with my hyperness/randomness lol) and was all in all really great to deal with. All the items were packaged really well and in really great condition. I would definately buy from him again <33
    3. Bought some mini-books, games, and candy. Communication was excellent, and shipping was much faster than I expected. :D Looking forward to buying from again!
    4. Fast shipping, good price, thank you! The box arrived in bad shape but the stuff inside is fine lol
    5. I bought two cute bears and a DS, fasty shipping and great communication 8D
    6. Bought a bunch of books and a microscope for my dolls. Good communication, fast shipping, wonderful seller.

    7. I totally enjooyed my transaction. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
    8. I bought three mini books and all of them are great! Very unique and detail~. And everything went smooth, and the shipping is very fast! Thank you:)
    9. I got a puki-sized DS and an SD sized cellphone ;) The items arrived in good time and were in great condition. The Japanese Kit-Kat box made us giggle x3 I'd definitely buy again! I'll post pictures of Saphier with his cellphone when he comes home :D
    10. I bought a mini DS and some DS game for my MSD girl, They are in really great condition, maybe americanimengel should tell me before the difference of the size between the DS game that come with the mini ds and the size about the 2 other that I bought separately but its ok, im very happy about my new items and the price was right. Also the shipping speed was great, If I can remember I will make some pic to show you what I bought! Thanks^^

    11. Sorry, guess I figured you knew...
    12. I got my items today and they came in good condition. The cigarette packs I ordered had holes in the top and sides that I wasn't aware of, but it's not that big of a deal because I am still happy with the overall product. I also got a mini keyboard system and it was just as pictured and wonderful! It was great! The shipping was very quick as well. Will definitely buy from again.
    13. I bought glasses+case and a WORKING zippo from americanimengel and everything was perfect! The items are in great condition and communication was pleasent. I'd gladly do business again!
      Thank you so much!
    14. sorry for the late feedback. Ordered a mini flip handphone and got it after 5 days I sent the payment and it's in a good condition. XD
      fast n good communication. Will surely watch the shop for more new items. :D

      somehow I didn't have much time to photoshoot the mini handphone with my doll. Will probably send the photo to you if I remembered. XD
    15. I just realized now I never left you feedback! Terribly sorry, it slipped my mind. :)

      But I recently bought a SD-sized DS and cellphone for my boys and I couldn't be aby happier. He was simply wonderful to deal with and fun to talk to over PMs. I wouldn't (and won't) hesitate to buy from him again, there are no complaints on my end of the sale. <3

      Then for reference...a picture of my Damon with his new phone XD

      [ full size on DA ]
      I've got other pictures of him with the DS there too. I don't want to spam up your feedback thread with them though, haha.
    16. Yes uh... I have two feedback threads because I didnt know what I was doing when I created my feedback thread... and now I cant edit it... so uh... I guess I will mainly use the other one... Sorry.... Thanks for the feedback! :)
    17. I purchased a bunch of Japanese things from Kuristians and it all arrived super fast and was of amazing quality! I highly recommend them ^_^
    18. I ordered 2 awesome zippos from americanimengel and am very happy with them! Communication was great, and I received very informative and helpful responses to my questions. Shipped in a timely manner as well. Thanks again!
    19. I bought katana from americanimengel. It was fast shipping and the item was really nice. Thanks^^