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Feedback for Amiko

Mar 9, 2008

    1. Please, don't be afraid to leave any kind of feedback for me here. I would love nothing more than to know what you thought of me.


    2. Amiko bought eyes from me, it was a smooth and pleasant transaction, she paid fast and has excellent communication. Thanks!!
    3. Amiko participated in my Dollmore group order and she was just a pleasure to deal with. She was in the process of moving and she updated me with her new address right away. Her payments were made quickly and obviously she kept up communication well, she even sent me a PM from her cell phone! :D

      I would definitely do business with her again! :)

      :aheartbea Shizume :aheartbea
    4. Amiko bought something from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    5. Amiko participated on a group order, she is so kind I will do business with her again:) Hope you join on a group order with me again!!!!!!
    6. Amiko bought a wig from me, communications were great and she paid promptly.
    7. I sold some yo clothes and things to Amiko :).
      She paid by MO which was MUUCH appreciated <3. The deal was smooth and friendly and I'd love to work with her again!

      Thanks dear and enjoy your stuff ;)!
    8. Amiko bought a SD13 lolita dress from me. She paid fast and was very pleasant to deal with. Thank you!
    9. Amiko is an awesome repeat buyer, she bought eyes and lashes from me, it was another smooth and pleasant transaction! Thanks again!
    10. I bought a blue wig from Amiko.
      She took quite a long time to ship, (I received it today, which is a month after I bought it) but the wig arrived in good condition despite the long wait.
      Thank you all the same.
    11. I bought a pair of eyes from Amiko, and everything went as wel as it could have. Thank you veyr much! :) :aheartbea
    12. Amiko bought an outfit from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thank you so much!
    13. Amiko bought a wig from me, very good communication and fast payement !
      Great transaction thanks !
    14. I bought a SD sized dress from Amiko- communication was good, shipping was prompt- would definitely buy from her again. Thanks!
    15. Amiko commissioned a face-up from me, and everything went great!
      Wonderful communication and quick to pay. ~ Thank you again! :chocoheart
    16. Amiko recently purchased a fer dress set from me and was a great person to deal with.^^ She was always clear with communication, prompt with payments, and was friendly throughout the transaction. Thanks again, Amiko! :daisy
    17. I bought a dress from Amiko and it was just wonderful. Wonderful communication and fast shipping, will be sure to buy from again sometime in the future.
    18. Amiko purchased eyes from me. Friendly communication and she paid quickly. Lovely transaction. thank you.
    19. Amiko bought LUTS ANI normal skin form me, she pays fast and response normally - not too fast and not too slow. ^^
    20. I bought a DZ Bunny from Amiko. All went well. she shipped out fast and even sent me a little gift basket for my bunny to sit in. I would buy from Amiko at any time, nice person to do business with :D