Feedback for Amor_Lasombra

Sep 20, 2016

    1. Hello I am new here,if you have bought things from me,or if I have bought things from you,please leave some comments here,it's very important for me becasue I am new here and I do not have any feedback(perhaps someone will not sell things to me if I don't have any feedback),thank you very much:whee:
    2. Amor_Lasombra purchased a Nephilin head from me. Payment was prompt and they let me know when the head arrive. :)
    3. Amor_Lasombra purchased a Soom little gem body from me. They were very prompt in all of their replies and payment, and very friendly as well! I would gladly deal with them again! :3nodding:
    4. Amor_Lasombra purchased a Soom Heliot head from me! They're just wonderful to deal with! Very kind, fast at payment and very good at communicating. I highly recommend them and would gladly deal with them again! Thank you so much and I hope you love your new boy <3
    5. Amor_Lasombra purchased a Soom Little Gem Volo from me. She was friendly to deal with and payment was prompt. Hope Volo enjoys her new home! Thanks so much again:)
    6. Amor_Lasombra bought a Soom Little Gem Kivi from me. Once again she was a pleasure to deal with. Communication was good, payment was prompt, and she was kind enough to let me know when Kivi arrived. Would be happy to deal with her again! Thank you for everything <3
    7. I sold a Nephelin head to Amor_Lasombra. Good communication, and prompt payment.

      Thanks for a great transaction!
    8. I sold sweetgale Meloni head to Amor_Lasombra. Her reply and payment were very fast, and she was very kind throughout the transaction. I would love to make another transaction with her again in the future. Thank you!
    9. Amor_Lasombra bought a Soom Volo head from me and was absolutely wonderful to deal with! Communication was fast, courteous and always so kind. I got the payment really quickly and a message the moment the head reached them. I would be glad to do business with them again! :chocoberry
    10. Amor Asombra purchased a doll from me for a friend. She paid quickly. Also, she followed up nearly every day during the process and let me know immediately when the package arrived. Dealing with Amor Asombra is a very pleasant experience and I would be happy to sell to her again. Thank you.
    11. Positive Transaction

      I sold my Soom Ender head to Amor_Lasombra and it was a very pleasant transaction. Communication was friendly and thorough, payment was sent as discussed and I was updated when the head arrived safely. Amor_Lasombra is a very good buyer, and I would be happy to work with them again. Thank you!
    12. Amor_Lasombra took Esthy Peroth head from me and I was very glad to have such an ideal transaction. The communication, sending me shipping info and payment were organized very fast, and she also wrote me one more time after the parcel arrived. Really recomend to deal with<3
      I will be glad to have any deals with You in the future, thank You very much!)
    13. Updating on the Heliot head that Amor purchased from me - we had some scary issues with the post office and losing the package, but after it was found and I was able to send it back out again. They were very patient and responsive to this whole situation. I'm so glad he arrived safely to you! Thank you for being patient during this situation