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Feedback for amphetamine

Dec 25, 2008

    1. Feedback thread!:sumomo: I think it's pretty self explanatory, really.
    2. amphetamine bought a doll from me. Fast payment and really great communication. It was a pleasure dealing with her. Perfect buyer!

      Thank you very much!!
    3. amphetamine purchased eyes and slippers from me recently, and was wonderful to do business with. Thank you!
    4. amphetamine bought doll outfit from me. Great transcation with prompt paymetn, thanks!
    5. Amphetamine bought a pair of shoes and an outfit from me! The shipping was quoted less than expected but she still paid the extra amount needed!! Great transaction and with really prompt payment!!
    6. Amphetamine bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and told me when they arrived.
      A pleasure to do business with.
    7. Amphetamine bought a shirt from me! She paid quickly and was a pleasure to deal with. :)
    8. Amphetamine bought a MSD van from me! Great buyer! Great communication! Reply to PMs! Fast payment.

      It was great to deal with her >_<
    9. I sold jeans and pajamas to amphetamine.Very fast payment.She is a pleasure to work with.a nice communication~Thank you very much . ^0^
    10. amphetamine participated in my Leekeworld Go!
      She paid quickly and was very easy to deal with. I had no problems,
      and I recommend her. :3 Thanks, Kitty &#9829;
    11. Wonderful, patient, sweet person to do business with.^___^ :aheartbea
    12. :D Hoorah! Back again &#9829;
      This time I bought the wig off of Amphetamine
      that didnt fit her bjd in my L.W Go! She participated in.

      It came so, so quick. Next thing you know, it was here! Yay!
      Thanks, Kat!! I love it :3
    13. amphetamine commissioned me for a faceup, bodyblush, and restringing of her MuseDoll Ciel. She was a pleasure to work with, very sweet and paid quickly. I'd be happy to work with her again anytime! :)
    14. amphetamine was a wonderful participant in the Leekeworld GO I hosted. Thanks so much!
    15. amphetamine commissioned a face up from me. there was great communication throughout, she sent the head quickly, and paid quickly. thanks so much!
    16. Kat bought a doll from me, she was very friendly and communicated through out the transaction. Great buyer and i would love to do business with her again. Thanks!!
    17. amphetamine bought a Puki Cupid2 from me. She was a pleasure to deal with, very friendly, and paid quickly. Would gladly do business with her again!
      Thanks so much and enjoy your new puki! :hug
    18. amphetamine participated in my dollmore GO, she paid on time and was a pleasure to deal with
    19. She joined a split with me for a PukiPuki, and was super patient and wonderful throughout the whole process, even when FL delayed our order. I would gladly do business with her again!
    20. I bought a Re-an head. She was so kind. Fast ship and really great communication. Highly recomended :)