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Feedback for AmuDiamond

Oct 5, 2010

    1. Hi~

      AmuDiamond recently purchase Luts Ani from me. She was very friendly and lovely to work with. Thank you so much!
    2. I sold some MSD Underwear and sneakers to AmuDiamond and she paid quickly and was wonderful to deal with. Thanks for making the transaction smooth and simple.
    3. I sold a Dollheart outfit to AmuDiamond. She was a pleasure to deal with and paid promptly. I would love to sell to her again!
    4. AmuDiamond bought some Souldoll jeans from me. She paid right quick, left feedback immediately upon delivery and was an overall delight to work with!
    5. I sold some sd13 jackets to AmuDiamond - a very easy and quick transaction! No problems whatsoever!
    6. AmuDiamond bought a Soom Kanoa from me and everything went perfectly. Thank you very much. :)
    7. AmuDiamond bought a hoodie from me. Communication was friendly and very pleasant! Thanks for a great transaction!
    8. Amu recently bought a Nine9 beanie from me. She was friendly, paid promptly and made it a really quick little sale.
      Recommended buyer!
    9. Amu bought an outfit from me. She paid as promised and lovely to deal with. Good buyer.

      Thanks Amu! :)
    10. AmuDiamond bought an MSD cardigan for me. Great buyer, let me know when the item arrived. Pleasure to do business with you!
    11. I sold AmuDiamond a necklace. She was great to work with! :)
    12. AmuDiamond bought a YoSD shirt from me. Prompt payment and great communication! Thanks sweetie! :)
    13. AmuDiamond bought a hoodie and some t-shirts from me and was a pleasure to deal with. She paid promptly and communication was great. Thank you!
    14. AmuDiamond took part in my M3 Studio Group Order. She was very patient and always paid promptly. :) When an issue came up she was super understanding about everything and we worked things out together. I would highly recommend her to anyone, thank you so much for participating in my GO! :D
    15. i sold a tiny-sized vanity and chair set with lots of little accessories to amudiamond and she paid promptly and was a real treat to deal with! i would recommend her to any seller!
    16. AmuDiamond bought a handmade dress from me. I took a while to ship her dress but she was patient.
      Would love to deal with again.
      Thank you so much!