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Feedback for Anarkistbavern

Jan 24, 2008

    1. Lalala~ Feedback-thread for me. ^^
    2. I took part in the Dollmore-group order Bäver-san was in charge of (30 mars-2 april). She kept all participants well informed and shipped out my order really quick as soon as it arrived in Sweden :) She's great to deal with, so I won't hesitate to do business with her again some time.
    3. Had a smooth transaction with anarkistbavern on a layaway plan. She made every payment on time as promised. Great communication! Had no problem dealing with anarkistbavern. Thanks!
    4. i sold a super gem body to anarkistbavern, it was a perfect transaction, communication was top notch, payment immediate, a real doll!
    5. I bought a Dollshe body from Anarkistbavern and she is ever so lovely and friendly. She let me know what was happening all along and is great! Thanks x
    6. Anarkistbavern bought doll from me. Very good communication and fast payment. I highly recommend her. ^^
    7. anarkistbavern bought a leeke wig from me and was lovely to deal with. Excellent communication, prompt payment and she let me know immediately when it arrived. I would love to do business again! Thank you. :3
    8. I bought her a Sch C head and I'm very satisfied of this purchase =) The communication was great and the shipping was fast ^^ I strongly recommend Anarkistbavern x)
    9. Anarkistbavern bought a Chrom head from me.
      Communication was wonderful and her payments were prompt :)
      I'd love to deal with her again in the future.
    10. I wanna send some really good feedback for anarkistbavern ^o^<3 I bought a senior delf body from her, and even though I experienced a LOT of problems with paypal, she was really patient and nice, and the day after I transferred her the full payment, she shipped the body!
      Been a pleasure =D
    11. I bought a sch C head from anarkistbavern and I must say that she's a really patient, flexible and willing to cooperate person :) Great communication! and she shipped the head the next day after I made the last layaway payment :) Thanks for everything anarkistbavern :)
    12. I was in a split for Soom MD February Breccias Wig that was arranged by anarkistbavern. All went well and I would definitley recommend dealing with her.
    13. I had a pleasure to sell one of my dresses to Anarkistbavern. The transaction was excellent thus, I leave a big POSITIVE:)
    14. I was joining a split that was arranged by anarkistbavern. I got the Breccia hands.
      All works really great! She alway let me know about everything. The contanc was really nice and she answerd very fast.
      She shipped the hands very fast and very safe.
      I can really recommend her to everyone ^^
    15. I was in a split for Breccia parts and outfit and she was terrific to deal with! Really nice and everything went really smoothly! Was great to meet her too :).
    16. I bought a Breccia from anarkistbavern and it was a perfect transaction! Friendly emails and timely updates, fast shipping and great packing. And the doll is perfect too!! I'd happily do business with her any time!!