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Feedback for anbaachan

Jan 28, 2007

    1. I sold a yo-sd dress set to anbaachan and received payment very quickly. PMs were quick and friendly. I highly recommend this DoAer.
    2. I sold a pair of Yo-SD Tenshi wings to Anbaachan. She was quick to respond to my PMs and give me all the information I needed to calculate a shipping quote, and let me know when the package arrived in the mail! I would be more than happy to do business with her again ;)
    3. Had an excelent transaction with anbaachan all went smooth and very good communication ^^ Thank you very much!
    4. I just completed a perfect transaction with Anbaachan. Payment was super-speedy, communications were prompt and friendly. Anbaachan was an absolute dream through the whole process. I hope to deal with her again.

      Thank you!
    5. I just had a wonderfully smooth transaction with anbaachan for a pair of eyes. She was quick on the payment and replies and I'd definitely do business with her again. :)
    6. My second transaction with Anbaachan was every bit as great as the first one. Consistency like this is to be treasured and Anbaachan is a joy to deal with.

      Thank you!
    7. Amber is awesome to deal with, she participated in my Mystic eyes preorder and she is
      very quick at payment, very friendly and great in communication:D She even take the time
      and let me know she has received her package safely~!:aheartbea
      I highly recommended her and will be glad to deal with her again.
      Thank you so much again Amber:aheartbea:sumomo:
    8. I was commissioned to paint anbaachan's Yo-SD. An extremely wonderful person to work with, anbaachan paid promptly and always replied her PMs. I will not hesitate to work with her again, thank you sweetie.
    9. anbaachan commissioned a wig from me and was very pleasant to deal with - a great transaction ^^
    10. anbaachan bought a pair of Unoa glasses from me and was great to deal with, letting me know when payment was sent and item arrived, which I really appreciate! Thanks again! :)
    11. Sold anbaachan a pair of YoSD option hands, with excellent communication and fast payment-
      Really nice buyer, I hope to do business with her again!
      Thanks so much :)
    12. Anbaachan participated in my second For My Doll group order and everything went through smoothly, which I much appreciate. Payments were made in a timely fashion and communication was kept up quite well on her end. I'd not mind doing business with her again at all. :)

      :clover Thank you for being a great participant!! :D Enjoy your new wig~ :clover
    13. anbaachan participated in a group order I ran. She paid promptly and her communication was great. I would definitely do business with her again!
    14. anbaachan bought a pair of Cutie Delf shoes from me and everything went perfectly ;)

      Lovely buyer, fast payment and excellent communication! Thank so much <3
    15. Anbaachan commissioned a wig from me, and was a perfect buyer-payment was quick, communication was clear and friendly. Thank you!
    16. I sold a yosd dress to Anbaachan. Everything was perfect : nice and smooth communication, fast payment. Really nice transaction.
      I will be happy to do business with you again, anytime ! :)

      Merci pour tout, et je suis ravie que la robe te plaise ! ^^
    17. I sold my Yotenshi body to Anbaachan and the transaction went great. :) Thank you so much!
    18. anbaachan participated in my very first group order. She got her payments in on time and was always quick to reply to pm's- she also let me know when her items arrived. I'd work with her again any time :) Thanks again for joining!
    19. Sale of Tanpopo's head.

      She pays rapidly, is very agreeable and sweet. I recommend her totally. Thank you Sweetttttt
    20. A really wonderful, wonderful seller! Incredibly fairly priced, amazingly fast shipping and super friendly pms! Thank you, A!