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feedback for Angel Kat

Nov 10, 2006

    1. as the title says, please leave feedback for my garments here. If you have any questions about my designs or comissions please PM me.

      ~Angel Kat
    2. Yay! First feed back!

      But the outfit I got from her is awesome and very well made! (I don't see it falling apart anytime soon even with my hard play.) She's super sweet and I can't wait to get more from her. >^^<
    3. Buying from Angel Kat was an extremely pleasant experience. Her clothing is extremely well-made and I would recommend anyone to buy from her. :)
    4. traded with AngelKat, a fur wig for some wonderful little keys. communication was slow, but always there! great transaction. ^_^
    5. I commissioned AngelKat to make an outfit based on DollHeart's "White Fer" and I'm blown away by her attention to detail and accuracy. I'm very happy with how elegant the dress was, and she's also very patient and pleasant to deal with. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone!

      Thank you so much for everything. :daisy:
    6. I bought some really tiny playing cards from, Angel Kat. She was communicative and generally friendly. I had a breeze dealing with her.
    7. Angel kat is a very good buyer, she's make payment very fast and great comunication.
      A+++ 100&#37; recomended
    8. This still holds true. My second transaction with Angel Kat went great!
    9. I did a trade with Angel Kat and it went beautifully :D

      She sent me some extras as well :D

      It was absolutly wonderful ^_________^ <3
    10. comissioned her to make a stab vest very nice work and it's love, recommend her to anyone!
    11. I commissioned Angel Kat for a gi for my DOC-- beautiful work and detail, I'm very happy with the result! Very pleasant to work with, and I hope to commission another outfit with her again someday. Thanks so much! ^_^
    12. I sold a Luts kitty hoodie to Angel Kat. She paid super quick and kept up excellent communication. A fabulous buyer! <3
    13. I just completed a shoe trade with Angel Kat. It was a very pleasant transaction with excellent communication!
    14. I also completed a successful shoe trade with Angel Kat! Excellent communication and the shoes were lovely. Thanks!
    15. Angel kat bought a wig from me.
      The transaction went very well.
      Great buyer.
    16. I bought a Domuya Flexi-body from AngelKat. The transaction was great and the body was well wrapped and appears exactly how she said it was. ^_^ I definately wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again. <3
    17. Angel Kat did a group order for Unoa Headbacks and she rocked! Super nice person and great communication! Thank you so much!!
    18. Angel Kat set up a group order for Unoa Headbacks and was wonderful. She sent us PM's throughout the whole process and had great communication. I would definately recommend her.
    19. Participated in the Unoa head back order Angel Kat organized. Great communication throughout the whole thing, and I would highly recommend her. :)
    20. Purchased a copy of the BJD Orbyrarium from me; fantastic buyer, great communication! Thank you very much!