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Feedback for Angel_Star

Jan 1, 2010

    1. For anyone who has done an transaction with Angel_Star, please leave feedback here! :3


      Angel_Star bought a DZ Dreaming Xi from me via layaway. Communication was great, the payments where on time and she let me know when she got the boy. Only thing I can complain about was a rude comment she made to me and some of the vulgar language that I feel wasn't necessary, otherwise she was great!
      I'd maybe work with her again. (Only if she cleaned it up)

      Thank you!
    2. I sold a DZ Megi to Angel_Star on layaway. Communication was awesome, and she was easy to work things out with. Each payment was on time. I would do business with her again!
    3. Sold a wig to Angel_Star. I shipped late but she was very understanding. I would definitely recommend dealing/buying/selling with her
    4. Angel-star sold me her BBB March doll and she amazing to work with she was very honest and eger to please me and reasonable aswell i told hert i wanted the doll with the face and body blushing that was pictured and she had already washed all of it off she happily re did it for me no extra charge she was a real angel to work with and i would GLADLY do bussiness with her agian
    5. I traded an Angel Fantasy Lily and DollZone Hid to Angel_Star for her ResinSoul Ai & money. Everything went smoothly. She sent first exactly when she said she would and let me know when my half arrived safely. Would definitely trade with again. Thanks!
    6. I purchased an AoD Chi head from Angel_Star. Great communication, the head was very well packaged and she let me know as soon as it was in the mail. I would gladly do business with her again ^.^
    7. sold an obitsu boy to Angel_Star great communication, would work with again.
    8. Just finished a wonderful trade with Angel_Star, my 60cm Obitsu with Hakura head for her DZ Sleeping xi. Great friendly communication the entire time! I would love to do business with her again!~

      Thanks!!! <3
    9. purchased a cute little Bao from Angel Star. Very communicative with progress on his shipping. He arrived safely and even come with a chair which was not originally included in the listing. Thank you so much!
    10. i just purchased a Garden of Dolls Nabiya elf rescue project from Angel_Star! her price was amazingly resonable, and she was very patient with me even though i took a little while to pay the shipping after i paid for the doll! (was expecting my tax return to buy the doll with but the government was late paying me and i could only spare enough out of my check to cover the doll but not the shipping right away!)

      and the doll was packaged beautifully, she even shipped unstrung to save on shipping at my request (that and i would have taken the doll apart anyways as soon as she arrived!) she has excellent comunication and is very pleasent to work with and the doll itself is just gorgeous and i cant wait to make her even prettier!

      i recommend Angel_Star as a seller to anyone!
    11. Did a trade with angel_star doll for doll and was extremely pleased with the transaction. She was great to talk with and answered my questions and shipped quickly. I would trade with her again no problem.
    12. Angel_Star ordered another custom hoodie from me and was wonderful to work with! Communication is excellent and payment was received in a timely manner. Thank you!
    13. I bought a RS mini girl body, and it arrived quickly once it was shipped. Communication was very fast, and body arrived in beautiful condition.
    14. I bought an Obitsu boy from Angel_Star. Shipping was timely, communication was friendly, and I am quite satisfied with he entire transaction. ^__^

    15. Got some soom shale wings from Angel_Star and am very happy they were very well packed. A+
    16. I did a trade with Angel_Star and it went very well! To even the value I requested some custom jewelry and from my simple description of style I received some VERY lovely and tastefully scaled pieces that my dolls will LOVE!!

      Very happy to do business with Angel_Star again. :D
    17. I bought Soom Shale/Adamelli Hoves from her. Everything went perfect!
      She answered fast and friendly to my messages, she sent the hooves also very fast and helped me out when I had any questions. :)

      Would love to buy/sell again! :aheartbea
    18. I bought a Garden of Dolls Nabiya MSD head from Angel_Star. Communication was great, and she was super nice and willing to ship the head out quickly to get to me in time for my birthday. Great seller, would highly recommend! :D
    19. I bought an AOD Chi from Angel_Star and he was well packaged and arrived quickly. Thanks!
    20. I have made a trade with Angel_Star, she's have packed the BlueBlood Doll perfectly and he came home very quickly! It's a pleasure to trade with her, she's very sweet and send me photo and answer at all of my question. ^-^ Thank you!